A York gas furnace May Be A Good Choice

If you are in the market for a gas furnace then why not consider a York gas furnace, there is a great selection of furnaces in their range and there is certainly one that suits you and your needs no matter what they might be.

This article is going to go through the various products and services that are at your disposal when you decide to embark on the task of buying a gas furnace and will look at the various products. Hopefully by the end of it you will be as convinced as I am that a York gas furnace is a good investment in terms of your household heating needs and there is certainly no reason why you should not have the York range in your sights.

The York gas furnace range has various tiers depending on exactly what your main considerations are when it comes to making your purchase. Whether you are looking for ultra efficiency and control or whether you are just locking for a durable and reliable alternative that will not burn a hole in your pocket this winter, if you excuse the pun especially considering that we are talking about furnaces and heating in this article.

York Gas Furnace Range

Latitude Series

The first range that I will talk about is the latitude series of gas furnaces. This is the series of choice when you need to fit a lot of comfort into a tight budget. It is the series that incorporates the essentials of any good heating furnace system and the plain fact is that it is the economic option available to you when you buy a York gas furnace. It leaves behind all the added extras and the series provides a good quality product at a great price, and that is all you are looking for if you in the entry level of the market or are looking to save a bit of cash.

XL Series

The next series of gas furnaces is the LX series and this is the middle ground between the very best and the entry level products provided by the York range. It is the series that does not reach the super control levels but is a step up from the latitude series. In this series you do get a few added extras and these are not the extras that will break the bank. The LX series remains an affordable option and really is the staple if you are looking for a little bit extra but do not want all the added extras or feel that the extras are not all necessary for your household needs. The LX series is a perfect middle and creates a great balance and really is the foundation of the York range of gas furnaces. The fact is that it is a high quality product that has all the extras that you might require while still enabling you to make choices that make economic sense.

Affinity Series

The last range of York gas furnace that I will talk about at least in a residential context is the Affinity series of gas furnace. This is the flagship range of gas furnace and really does provide the highest level of comfort and quality for the owner of one of these beauties. This is really the top end of the market and this range appeals to people who really want to reach the summit of gas furnace heating in terms of comfort, control and efficiency. It is the highest quality and you really get a product that is worth every penny that you decided to spend on it.

York Gas Furnace

Warranty – Of course all of these products also come standard with a thirty three inch cabinet as well as a 10-year parts and lifetime or 20-year heat exchanger limited warranties. This is great news for a buyer as it shows the confidence that York have in the quality of their products and ensures that you can rest easy and know that you are covered in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your York gas furnace.

Tax Credit – Furthermore, when you buy a York gas furnace you also qualify for a tax credit. This is added value to the product but be aware that the level and amount of the tax credit does vary depending on exactly which model of York gas furnace that you decide to purchase.

Commercial Option – There is also a commercial option of York gas furnace to choose from and your choices are not merely limited to that of residential heating when you decide to purchase a gas furnace from York. York also provides gas furnaces for big heating needs; you can count on this dependable, high-capacity furnace system design to handle the job. Remember that you are also in line to qualify for a tax credit if you install an efficient and reliable furnace system for your commercial needs as well. The fact is that a good furnace heating system means that your employees are happy and this will increase the productivity in the workplace or at least it will be a factor in employee satisfaction. Any good business man will know that happy employees are good for business.


The fact is that whether you are looking for a York gas furnace for your residential or your commercial space, you are looking in the right place. A York gas furnace makes sense to buy in many different ways and on many different levels, it will save you money and it will help the environment, in an ever increasing environment of social consciousness as to the state of our planet. Plus there is a wide range to choose from, and they are all top quality products that should last you a long time.

There is a downside though to buying a York gas furnace and this is the very big consideration and a choice that should not be taken lightly under any circumstances whatsoever. The downside is that you really, honestly and truly speaking are going to have a hard time deciding which York gas furnace it is you are going to buy.