Trane XT95 Gas Furnace Review

With many consumer reports, Trane products always rate right at the top. The products are updated often, so your Trane Comfort Specialist is the most reliable source for getting information on the Trane system for your needs. The follow review will cover the benefits, features, and warranties associated with the Trane XT95 gas furnace.

Trane Furnaces have Many Benefits

The Trane XT95 gas furnace can be bought at dealers as well as online, and provides the right kind of comfort throughout the year. Trane offers a number of quality energy-efficient furnaces and none of them go below 80% AFUE. If you are wondering about what unit to buy, they have a number to choose from which are categorized into two efficiency ratings:

  • Medium efficiency furnaces: AFUE rating that ranges from 78-84%. Homes that have an existing chimney can easily have these units connected .
  • High-efficiency furnaces: AFUE rating range of 90-96% – these units cost a bit more but you will benefit in the long run when you see the savings from your electricity bill. and fuel bills. The high-efficiency furnaces help with decreasing the effects of global warming simply because they emit less pollutants

The Trane XT95 Gas Furnace Offers Many Advantages

  • You get cleaner air because the system removes 99.98% of airborne pollutants
  • The blower motor provides a consistent flow of comfortable warm air
  • Every piece of the XT95 has been tried and tested to ensure long term reliability
  • All the furnaces’ specifications fit your needs – reputable contractors ensure correct sizing and installations to make sure that the Trane XT95 gas furnace fits almost anywhere
  • ComfortLink 2 Communicating Capability connected to the main system of the furnace means it can be controlled either manually or remotely.

When considering a furnace for your home or commercial space, the size of your home or office, heat loss calculation as well as the kind of weather you have will all be taken into account. A Trane gas furnace specialist advises you on which unit to get. Some people worry about young children and pets around these furnaces, but there is a strong cabinet which separates the actual furnace from children and pets. An added benefit is that the cabinet works as a thermoregulatory device which regulates the heat which ultimately prevents a fire starting. It is the multi port short in burners which are the source of heat in the furnace.

The Trane XT95 gas furnace has been designed for natural and L.P. Gas, and dual solenoid combination gas valve and regulator ensures your furnace is always safe. The low energy power vent blower ensures a positive discharge of gas fumes to the outside.

Some of the features of the Trane XT95 gas furnace

  • Trane XT95 Gas Furnace90%+ AFUE, which is annual fuel utilization efficiency – the furnace converts gas into heating energy – efficient furnaces generate fewer emissions
  • Uses 75% less electricity than the standard Trane XR95 furnace
  • Quality installations and workmanship to ensure peak efficiency
  • Quiet operation from the blower motor which provides a steady flow of warm air
  • The insulated steel cabinet fits just about anywhere
  • Convertible to horizontal
  • Multi port, in shot burners
  • Easy open door latches and spring loaded filter rack
  • Self-diagnostic microelectronic controller
  • One piece heat exchanger with no welds
  • Adaptive silicon nitride hot surface igniter


The furnaces come with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty as well as a ten-year warranty on labor and parts. If your Trane XT95 gas furnace is installed with the Trane XLi Outdoor Condensing Unit, the internal function parts will be covered for 10 years. Optional extended warranties are also available and these cover labor, refrigerant as well as costs not covered by the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty.