Trane XR95 Gas Furnace Review

Today, owning a Gas Furnace is one of the most effective and cost efficient way to keep warm even in the most freezing temperatures. Trane is known for products that are eco-friendly, reliable and the best performing; quiet and smooth. They bring out a number of furnaces and the following Trane Gas Furnace Review will give you an excellent idea of which one will best suit your needs.

The Trane XR95 gas furnace is their premier single stage gas heating furnace in the XR series. You can read all the good and bad things people say about the different Trane furnaces online and make up your mind.

Their gas furnaces are equipped with the latest design in technology so that even large homes and offices can be heated effectively. Trane units also consume less electricity than any other devices and furnaces.

Their ComfortLink II communications technology is found in all Trane furnaces which means you can connect from your furnace to your phone and get thermal readings and alerts as well as other instructions to your mobile phone. Trane gas furnaces take about twenty minutes to heat up, so you can plan to remotely put your furnace on in time for when you arrive home. This technology is built into certain of their products, allowing the ‘communicating’ components in heating systems and air cons to be configured and calibrated. The system also runs its own self-diagnostics to correct heating and cooling as well as flow timings.

The XR95 gas furnace is renowned for its efficiency, and people appreciate the fact that this particular furnace will not be burning up your money by running up your electricity bill each month.

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency , known as AFUE is a measure of the furnace’s efficiency in converting fuel to energy, and the XR95 features a 95% AFUE rating and is also Energy Star qualified. Energy Star is a labeling program which was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency to promote awareness of energy-efficient products. The Environmental Protection Agency and Trane have come together so as to label high-efficiency systems with the energy star label. When buying appliance consumers can look out for the energy star label which identifies energy efficient products.

Trane XR95 Gas FurnaceFeatures of the Trane XR95 Gas Furnace

  • The XR95 removes dust as well as other irritants from the air
  • High quality components means reliability and durability
  • Steel cabinet for safety and quiet operation
  • Sealed combustion, 100% outside air option
  • Aluminized steel heat exchanger which enhances performance
  • Multi port, in-shot burners for enhanced heating performance
  • Three row secondary heat exchanger
  • Direct drive, multi speed blower motor
  • Durable adaptive silicon nitride hot surface igniter
  • Self diagnostic microelectronic controller
  • Requires lesser fuel and releases less chemicals
  • A warning control mechanism warns the home owner if there is a fluctuation with the temperature

Warranty Details

Once you have bought your Trane XR95 gas furnace, you will need to register the furnace with 60 days of installation to take advantage of the warranties. Registration can be completed online at Trane’s website or you can phone them on 800-554-6413. If the product isn’t registered within 60 days of installation, their limited warranty terms will apply.

  • Internal functional parts get a 10 year limited warranty
  • Heat exchanger comes with lifelong warranty
  • Optional extended warranties are available – option to purchase transferability of Registered Limited Warranty is available – for details on this you can visit Trane Warranty Info

The company is always researching so that their products remain leaders in field. Every Trane product is a leader in its field and when it comes to looking out for your health, they are number one.

When you are looking to buy a heating system for residential or commercial use it pays to look at a number of gas furnace reviews in order to get a good idea of both the pros and cons of the furnaces. Efficiency ratings are also important and with these reviews you will be able to make an informed decision. It is true that you won’t find many negative inputs from Trane customers, especially because Trane has received the EPA’s Best of the Best award.