Trane XL80 Gas Furnace Review

The main Trane XL80 gas furnace features are that it has a four-speed blower motor, a two-stage gas heat, and a microelectronic controller. On top of that it comes with a heavy steel cabinet and a durable adaptive silicon nitride hot surface igniter.

Other features include the multi-port, in-shot burners, the one-piece heat exchanger, and the pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet. Upflow models have hinged blower doors, easy-open door latches and a spring-loaded filter rack. The unit also comes with an insulated cabinet for quiet operation. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of the model is 80%.

The Trane XL80 gas furnace has two main types, namely:

  • The Trane XL80 gas furnace 2-stage upflow/horizontal furnace models, and
  • The Trane XL80 gas furnace 2-stage downflow/horizontal furnace models.

Pros and Cons

There are a number of advantages that you will pick up if you read a Trane XL80 gas furnace. The system is, for example, very efficient. With 80% AFFUE you would expect nothing less. Although the system has multiple different models, AFFUE is 80% for all of them. As compared to other gas furnaces on the market, the Trane XL80 gas furnace is one of the best if what you looking for is efficiency from the product that you have purchased.

In addition, you will notice that the Trane XL80 gas furnace has flexible heating that occurs in two phases. This is a great innovation because it means that temperature swings will be avoided. This is the only gas furnace n the Trane 80 series that does in fact offer this level of flexibility. When choosing gas furnaces from Trance think about whether or not this is an important feature on your priority list.

Trane XL80 Gas FurnaceOne thing that you can be sure of with the Trane XL80 gas furnace is that it will be durable because materials for all components are tested again and again for long-lasting performance and reliability. This is something that Trane takes very seriously and you will be sure to get along life-span out of your Trane XL80 gas furnace.

Possibly the main advantage of the system is that it will provide you with cleaner and healthier indoor air. This is fantastic for many people, especially those who suffer from things such as asthma. If you add Trane CleanEffects(TM) to your system more pollen and other irritants will be filtered from the air than if you simply buy the standard model without any of these additions. Having a clean and healthy home can make a huge difference.

One complaint that came up in one Trane XL80 gas furnace is that the blower tends to fail prematurely. Although most issues are generally linked to installation errors than a problem with the actual system, this is something that you should keep in mind. In general there are very few cons to report.


Trane offers the following warranty on the Trane XL80 gas furnace:
A 20 Year limited warranty on the heat exchanger, and a 10 Year limited warranty on the internal functional parts. The following are the warranty terms and facts that can be found at

  • If the product is not registered within 60 days of installation Trane’s Base Limited Warranty terms will apply.
  • An option to purchase transferability of your Registered Limited Warranty is available. For more information visit: Trane Warranty Info
  • Optional Extended Warranties are available. Extended Warranties can pay for labor and other costs not covered by manufacturer’s limited warranty.
  • Ask your dealer for full warranty information at time of purchase. Warranties are for residential use only, some exclusions may apply.

Please note that extended warranties are available if you are interested in getting one.

Overall the Trane XL80 gas furnace is one of your better options if you are looking out for a gas furnace. There are of course plenty of other Trance products to consider as well as other brands, so be sure to investigate your options very carefully before rushing to a final decision. As gas furnaces go, however, this is a fairly safe bet for you to consider.