Trane XC80 Gas Furnace Review

When it comes to modern indoor or outdoor gas furnaces, eco-friendly furnaces are the rage as well as energy efficient ones that have been designed and created from the knowledge gained from ongoing research. The following review of the Trane XC80 gas furnace will give you an idea on the furnace’s comfort levels and what people have to say about it, both the good and the bad. With Trane, the services you enjoy do not end with the installation of the furnace, but you will enjoy ongoing support. The Trane XC80 is known for its superb quality, and small wonder, because Trane is a top brand in the industry, and theXC80 is one of their flagship models.

You can install the Trane XC80 gas furnace as part of a heating and cooling system. The furnace has the means for you to add telephone access which means you can control the settings of the furnace remotely. The XC80, just like the other Trane gas furnaces has high quality components, and the blower motor is no different, because the Trane XC80 gas furnace is rated with up to 80% AFUE, annual fuel utilization efficiency. It also has plenty of amazing features, offering consumers comfort with its advanced communication technology.

Control Your Furnace Remotely

All products from Trane have the Comfort Link II Communicating Capability, which means the XC80 can configure itself with other units for optimal performances. The XC80 gives you the convenience of controlling your comfort settings remotely by phone. Communicating furnaces require proper installation which means you will need to find a qualified contractor who has experience in installing gas furnaces to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. When the installation is done correctly and also maintained, you can expect decades of quality services from the Trane XC80 gas furnace.


This model is popular because the insulated and heavy gauge cabinet ensures the furnace operates quietly and smoothly. By including Trane CleanEffects(TM) to your system, you can enjoy air filtration which removes dust and irritants from the air giving cleaner air.
Durability – all components are tried and tested to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.

Some Trane XC80 Gas Furnace Features

  • Trane XC80 Gas FurnaceThe variable speed fan motor offers a consistent flow of comfortably warm air
  • Quiet operation
  • 40 inch high cabinet with 28 inch depth means the gas furnace fits almost anywhere
  • You can get alerts of self-regulation from the furnace – the system is able to change itself for efficient performance
  • Cleaner indoor air from removing dust and other irritants from their air – high performance air cleaners along with allergen and irritant control
  • 24-volt fuse protects controls
  • Cleanable filter with spring-loaded filter rack
  • Increased dehumidification for Comfort-R mode
  • Adaptive silicon Nitrade hot surface igniter
  • Variable speed blower motor – ensures even distribution of heated air throughout the house
  • Two stage gas heat for better fuel efficiency
  • Multi-port, in-shot burners
  • Communicating user interface
  • Insulated cabinet
  • One-piece heat exchanger with no welds
  • Convertible to horizontal left or right
  • Humidifier and air cleaner compatible – coupled with cooling coil and air con, the XC80 can be used to remove dampness from the air

Warranty Details

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on it heat exchanger
  • All functional parts are covered by a ten-year warranty
  • The product needs to be registered within 60 days after date of purchase if you want a warranty. If you sell the furnace, the warranty can be transferred to a third party.

The price of the Trane XC80 gas furnace varies from dealer to dealer, and parts as well as shipping costs will also be dependent on location.

A furnace that is too large will defeat its purpose and cost more to operate than a correctly sized furnace. This is because furnaces that are too big will cycle on and off, making it more expensive to run and no longer energy efficient. Find out if your furnace is correctly sized by getting in an HVAC contractor with the experience to do a load calculation. Things like the size of your home as well as the amount of insulation from the windows and doors will determine the furnace capacity. Whatever brand of gas furnace you select, it is no good if it is not properly installed, but Trane contractor’s are as thorough as you get.