Trane XB90 Single Stage Gas Furnace Review

The Trane XB90 Furnaces – single stage heating model is every homeowner’s dream furnace. That’s because this furnace has features that make it clean, compact and cheap.


When you hear gas furnace, the words “environmentally friendly” aren’t always what comes to mind. But with the XB90 Furnace – single stage heating model, that’s about to change. This furnace has a 90%+ AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) Rating. This means that 90% of the gas you put inside the XB90 is turned into heat, and only 10% is expelled. That’s pretty good compared to other brands.

This model also provides better filtration because you have the option to add the CleanEffects system to it. This system can remove allergens such as dust and pollen from the air, hence making your home cleaner and healthier.


Because it only has single stage heating, the Trane XB90 has the advantage of lesser bulk. At 40-inches in height and 28-inches in depth, it’s pretty compact compared to other gas furnaces. The furnace can also be converted from vertical to horizontal so it pretty much fits whatever available space you have.

The cabinet itself is made out of heavy galvanized steel, which makes it very durable. It’s also insulated enough so you won’t be bothered by any noise if it’s kicking while you sleep.


Perhaps the best feature of all when it comes to this productTrane XB90 Single Stage Gas Furnace is its price. Many homeowners tend to steer away from “green” furnaces because they cost more. But at $2,000 (or less depending on where you buy it) the XB90 is actually cheaper than most models. Hence it’s a popular choice for most homeowners who are on a budget.

The Reviews

Majority of the reviews for the XB90 Furnaces – single stage heating model are very positive. One user said that the unit had been fantastic. The only problem he encountered was with the ignition, but that was a year after the install and the warranty covered the cost of the part anyway.

Most professional reviewers also recommend this furnace, particularly for those who are on a tight budget. However, they’ve noted a certain problem with older versions of the Trane XB90. Some older versions lack the ability to use and filter outside air, so they can only circulate the air that’s already inside the house. The good news is that the newer versions no longer have this problem.

The Bottom Line

The XB90 Furnaces – single stage heating model is a recommended buy because it’s friendly to both the environment and your pockets. That’s the sort of winning combination that you should bank on.