Quality Built Trane Furnaces

When the time comes to replace your 15 plus year old furnace, you’ll see no matter which furnace model you decide to take, that there will be a huge savings in your energy bills.

Gas furnaces are rated for AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) which defines the amount of heat used to warm a home. A 90% furnace will use 90% of the available heat to heat your home, and vent the remaining 10% outdoors. Older gas furnaces are only about 60% efficient. The remaining 40% is vented outdoors. It is clear that a new high-efficiency furnace will require much less fuel to heat your home and that you will recoup costs in the long run.

Most of the older gas furnace units run at about 65% efficiency and your newer gas furnace units have at least an 80% AFUE rating, if not up to 94%. There are many gas furnace brands and manufacturers on the market to choose from. With Trane’s two-stage heating system you’ll get even heat distribution with no glitches and in the process will also save money. With the two-stage heating system the furnace sends pre-heat air circulating throughout the home, followed by a two-speed blower sending warmer air.

Trane offer numerous high efficiency gas furnace models which have efficiency ratings over 90%. This means that you will ultimately save money on home heating costs because the system is so much more efficient than an old system. Even ten years ago AFUE was only in the 60-70% range.

It is also suggested that you include an annual gas furnace inspection in your total costs when buying a Trane gas furnace, even though this will increase your total costs per annum, it is worth the cost as it will ensure that your Trane furnace is in good condition each year, and this will lengthen the lifespan of your Trane gas furnace. An annual inspection includes items such as the following to be checked: thermostat calibration, manifold gas pressure, the venting system, the blower and burners, the fan and heat exchangers. The annual furnace inspection would keep the unit running at peak efficiency, which will reduce gas furnace problems, and also preserve the unit to last a long time.

Trane’s wide selection of gas furnaces, offer maximumTrane Gas Furnace comfort, premium warmth, as well as efficient performance. Their models are the XC95, a three stage variable speed unit, the XV two stage variable speed Trane furnace, the XL two stage Trane furnace, XL90 and XL80, the XT single stage gas furnace, XT90 and XT80, the XR single stage Trane furnace, and the XB single stage gas furnaces. It may help you to make your decision by reading gas furnace reviews.

Trane has a logo that says “Reliable gas heating for gentle warmth and cleaner air”, and whether it is a bit of gentle warmth you want in the early fall, or high performance heat you need in the dead of winter, the XV90i furnace provides two stages of energy-efficient warmth and a built-in Trane CleanEffects technology for the most advanced air filtration on the market.

The Trane XV90i is rated with an up to 93% AFUE. It provides noiseless, comfortable, even heating and a consistent flow of warm air. They also have Trane CleanEffects for advanced air filtration which removes dust, pollen and other irritants for a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable home.

Benefits of a high-efficiency Trane Gas Furnace

  1. Efficiency, reliability, and control of your indoor environment. Even heating throughout the home.
  2. Cost savings in the long run.
  3. Trane furnaces feature self-diagnostic controls, a heavy steel insulated cabinet, and a hot surface igniter. A hot surface igniter, sometimes referred to as a glow stick or glow plug swings into action when there is a call for heat, and receives electrical current to heat the surface and ignite the burners in the furnace. An original manufacturers’ igniter should be used when a replacement is needed. While there are many igniters on the market, many do not have the correct voltage or warm-up time as the original design.
  4. Variable speed motors increase performance resulting in overall efficiency of your heating and air-conditioning system.
  5. Trane claims to be the variable-speed airflow experts and that their variable-speed furnaces and air handlers can do things other manufacturers’ products are unable to do, such as superb humidity control with Comfort-R Enhanced Mode. This feature allows the coil to get cold faster and to operate at 50 percent of cooling speed in the FAN ON position. This provides greater air circulation and filtration, even temperature distribution, humidity control, and quiet performance.
  6. Trane’s single-stage furnace delivers the same amount of heat and airflow irrespective of the outside temperature. A second-stage furnace with a second-stage thermostat will begin in the first stage and only go to the second stage if the indoor temperature drops during the first stage. The furnace runs longer, provides greater air circulation, temperature distribution and air filtration, which in turn provides a more consistent indoor environment.