RUUD Gas Furnace – Is Tops for Quality and Service

Ruud is one of the largest manufacturers of HVAC equipment in America. Ruud is known to only employ the highest trained staff in the business, so you can be assured that when you purchase a Ruud gas furnace you are getting the best product with the most innovative design and manufactured to the highest technological standards.

Ruud has an impressive range of high quality products which are backed by rock-steady warranties and excellent customer service.

Ruud Gas Furnace Range

RUUD Value Series Gas Furnace

This Ruud gas furnace may be the bottom of the line when it comes to price, but it definitely is not at the bottom when it comes to performance. It comes with a range of great features:

  • The purchase price is very affordable.
  • It has a direct spark ignition which saves on fuel needed for a pilot light.
  • A remote sensor monitors the burner flame to ensure efficient burning.
  • The heat exchanger is made of aluminised steel and stainless component and comes with a 20 year warranty.
  • The value series has an 80% efficiency which means that the energy that is conserved saves on heating bills.
  • Onboard controls regulate burner firing, fan speed and all other operations.

If you want higher efficiency in this range, choose the RGRS model Ruud gas furnace which delivers a 90% efficiency as per Energy Star ratings.

RUUD Achiever Gas Furnace

This Ruud gas furnace is one of the most popular models available. They are manufactured from the highest quality materials which will stand up to the harshest weather. They also come with a range of features:

  • The operation is very quiet and there is no vibration as the motor is mounted on rubber and enclosed behind a heavily insulated solid door.
  • Direct spark ignition gives immediate heating.
  • The RGPN Achiever furnace delivers 80% efficiency.
  • The motor has adjustable air speed which deliver just the right amount of heat to each room.

The RGTM Achiever is a high-efficiency Achiever model Ruud gas furnace which delivers 95% efficiency. It has a two-stage system which keeps the heat at 70% until more heat is needed.

RUUD High Achiever Gas Furnace

There are two different models underRuud Gas Furnace the high achiever Ruud gas furnace class and good quality and excellent service is standard with each and every one. All of them use the direct spark ignition method, in which the firing pin is made of durable silicon nitride:

  • The High Achiever Super Quiet 80 2-Stage Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace will give you 80% efficiency. This model has a 2-stage system which ensures that there is no energy wasted.
  • The RGLO Ruud High Achiever Super Quiet 80 2-Stage Downflow Gas Furnace are ideal to install in an attic. It has an integrated furnace control, self-diagnostics and the performance of all the HVAC components is coordinated. It also gives 80% efficiency.

Both of these systems feature a top plate and re-engineered door which reduces operational noise so much that they are the quietest of the whole Ruud stable.

RUUD Ultra Achiever Gas Furnace

This Ruud gas furnace will exceed any performance which you expect it to deliver. As with all RUUD furnaces, these models come with 100% stainless steel heat exchangers, which make them corrosion resistant, amongst other features:

  • These models have AFUE efficiency ratings that qualify them for the Energy Star symbol.
  • They have a modulating thermostat which ensures that they operate at the capacity which will maintain the ambient temperature.
  • This furnace will operate between 40% and 100%, switching when necessary.
  • Reduced operating noise and the basic 2-stage operation is also a feature.
  • Lifetime warranty on the heat exchangers and 10 year warranty on other moving parts.

Models in this range include the Ruud UGJD Ultra, the UGFD, RGPR and RGLR. Virtually every Ruud gas furnace adheres to the AFUE efficiency ratings which makes many of them eligible for a $1500 federal tax rebate when installed in your primary residence.

RUUD Achiever Plus Gas Furnace

As with all other models, this Ruud gas furnace is an innovative, high quality piece of HVAC equipment which is designed and manufactured with your comfort in mind. Quality and service is still most important to RUUD. These furnaces have some really exceptional features:

  • A sound barrier in the top plate and door for silent operation.
  • Direct spark igniters save on fuel.
  • Adjustable air speed for perfect circulation of warm air.
  • Can be hooked up to natural gas or very easily converted for propane use.
  • 80% efficiency as per the AFUE efficiency ratings.
  • Standard warranties.

Ruud makes a versatile line of quality gas furnaces that give you a choice of features to meet the heating demands of your lifestyle. The RUUD Achiever Plus Gas Furnaces take those options to the next level for maximum climate control throughout your home.

When it comes to the efficiency of a Ruud gas furnace you will find that it is very good. Many of the Ultra Achiever models have efficiency ratings that mean that they qualify for the Energy Star symbol. This also means that many of them will qualify for a $1500 federal tax rebate if installed in your main residence. It is recommended that you ascertain whether you can get a rebate when you install your energy saving furnace from RUUD.

Ruud gas furnace are loved by all who use them as they say that they hardly ever have to replace parts, and if they do its may be only once in about fifteen years that an igniter may give problems and need to be replaced. Bottom line – if you want quality and excellent service, RUUD is the way to go.