Rheem RGRM Series Gas Furnace Review

People want their home to be in a comfortable temperature. That’s just rational because if the human body rises or drops just a few degrees of the normal temperature, there would be serious consequences. Nobody wants that.

But the temperature does not always coincide with their preference. Changes in the weather and some other factors make humans feel cold or hot. In the winter, people need something to warm their homes. That’s exactly what gas furnaces are for. But which one should they get?

The Rheem RGRM Series from is a good option. It has two stages of operation that lets the user save energy and gives him a range of warming so he can choose a comfortable level. It is compatible with single or two-stage thermostat, which makes it an option whichever thermostat the user has.

The heat exchanger withstands corrosion and thermal fatigue because it is constructed from stainless steel, which means it can last a long time. Putting on additional accessories is easy, thanks to its 34-inch design. Because of this, it is also lighter and easier to handle. It also operates without excessive noise because of its insulated blower compartment, slow-opening gas valve and specially designed inducer system.

Add its variable speed blower motor technology andRheem RGRM Series Gas Furnace the user has good control of sound levels and gives optimal humidity control and year-round energy savings. It offers a good option between indoor or outdoor combustion air, which may be piped to either top or the side of the cabinet on all upflow models. Installation is easier because of the special molded fitting provided.

The RGRM Series offers left or right side gas, electric, or condensate drainage connections so choosing its position is not restricted. Managing functions is relatively simple because its integrated control board manages all operational functions. Hookups are also found in the control board for humidifier and electronic air cleaner. The solid bottom is standard.

Overall, the Rheem RGRM Series is one of the good choices for a gas furnace. It is easy to install and control. The user could add different sorts of accessories if necessary making it applicable for different situations.