Rheem RGLE Series Gas Furnace Review

People need gas furnaces for warming entire homes. Bulky ones may be a pain to install and take up a lot of spaces, which could have been for other equipments they want to use or maybe some accessories for the furnace. Also, people want their furnace to operate as quietly as possible

Homeowners looking for a downflow gas furnace for their closets, alcoves, utility rooms, or attics can take a look at the Rheem RGLE Series. Some notable features are the Comfort Control System and enhanced Serial Communication. A “Call for Service” alert notification is sent to the thermostat to notify the homeowner if the furnace needs service.

Through this, users find using it relaxing since you don’t have to constantly check on the furnace itself and just relax with its warming. Users also find it easy to use because of its user interface control along with a seven-segment LED for system diagnostics and diagnostic history for troubleshooting.

With lifespan, the furnace’s heat exchanger withstands corrosion because it is constructed with aluminized and stainless steel. With an insulated blower compartment, slow-open gas valve, specially designed draft inducer motor and blower motor makes it work more quietly than other furnaces available in the market.

Maintenance is also relatively easy with the RGLERheem RGLE Series Gas Furnace Series. It has a pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet, a door that is simple to detach and replace, and a permanent filter. It is also versatile since it is compatible with single or two-stage thermostats. The performance is not very optimal when paired with single-stage thermostats though.

Speaking of versatility, it can be installed with different orientations because it has gas and electric inlet connections on its left and right side. Like other models of gas furnaces, it features and integrated board with humidifier and electronic air cleaner hookups. The homeowner can access improved cooling efficiency by matching it with rated condensing unit and coil.

Another notable thing about this furnace is its “34 inch” design. This allows lighter and easier handling and leaves room for optional accessories that enables more comfort and better performance. The Rheem RGLE Series has an AFUE rating of 80%. This is less than other gas furnaces.