Rheem RGGE Series Gas Furnace Review

People don’t want to be cold, literally or symbolically. For the latter, the solution might be a little hard to find. For the former, it is relatively easier. Furnaces to warm homes have been in existence for so long. They are there to relieve people when the temperature of the surroundings is too cold for them to handle.

Gas furnaces are for warming homes so that the people who live there become comfortable. But how do people become comfortable if the furnace is such a pain to operate? Or when it’s so hard to control how much it warms a home?

The Rheem RGGE Series lets its user take control of its heating capacity with relative ease. This is because it features a Comfort Control System, which gives off over 28 on-board diagnostics and fault history codes by detecting system and electrical problems.

With this, the owner does not have to constantly worry whether the furnace needs attention or not because it will notify the homeowner if it requires service by sending an alert to the thermostat. The heat exchanger can last a long time because it is entirely made out of stainless steel – it can resist corrosion and thermal fatigue very well.

The modulating function of the Rheem RGGE SeriesRheem RGGE Series Gas Furnace provides the homeowner utmost control over how much warmth it provides. When used with a modulating or communicating thermostat, the furnace can modulate between 40% to 100% percent of its total capacity. With a two-stage thermostat, it operates at 40% on the first stage, rises up to 65%, and then performs at 100% on the second stage. In a single-stage thermostat, the furnace functions in three stages, 40%, 65%, and 100%.

Other features include reduced firing rates, efficient ECM2+ motor and solid doors. These make the furnace run quietly. Also, it has a low speed fan and a constant temperature rise to provide optimal comfort. If the owner needs to make adjustments, the seven-segment LED makes it easy to control and diagnostic history provides easier troubleshooting.

The adjustments made possible with the different levels of operation of the furnace cater to how much warmth the homeowner needs. The Rheem RGGE Series gas furnace operates without bothering the homeowner with unnecessary noise and complex controls that it is a really good consideration when choosing a gas furnace.