Rheem RGFG Series Gas Furnace Review

Efficiency is one product characteristic that people are looking for. Of course, they want to get their money’s worth. When it comes to giving comfort to their homes, and in turn to their families, they do their best to find the most efficient product they could lay their hands on.

One of the products that people use for comfort and looks for is high efficiency gas furnaces. People who are trying to find a heating system for their home take efficiency into consideration – a very careful consideration. An efficient gas furnace would operate well to warm a home while using just the right amount of energy. This is very important so the family can save money and be environment friendly.

Aside from efficiency, consumers also aim to find gas furnaces, which are easy to operate, easy to maintain, saves space and some other characteristics. How does the Rheem RGFG Series measure up to these criteria? Starting with efficiency, it tips the scale at 95% AFUE. What does that mean? AFUE means Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency.

It is a measurement of efficiency of gas furnaces that the American Department of Energy devised to indicate how the furnace utilizes its fuel in heating a home. The standard is 78%, which makes this furnace,’s rating considerably high. And the higher the efficiency, the more a homeowner saves.
Rheem RGFG Series Gas Furnace
When it comes to its operation, the RGFG Series features a seven-segment LED display for user-friendly system diagnostics. It also has a diagnostic history for trouble shooting. The user doesn’t need to constantly check on the furnace because of the Comfort Control System.

Whenever it needs a service, it would just alert the owner with a “Call for Service” message sent to the thermostat. The serial communication is also enhanced constituting of a user interface control with four or two wire installation, auto-configuration, and diagnostic messaging with full communicating capability. Maintenance is also made easy through these features.

The Rheem RGFG Series has 34-inch design allowing it to save space. The space can then be used for other optional accessories giving the owner maximum freedom to put in other things he wants or needs. It also operates quietly so the home can be warmed without bothering noises.