Buying a Lennox Gas Furnace

When the cold weather sets in you’ll need a decent gas furnae to keep your home warm. It also wont hurt to know that you’ll be saving on your energy bills, thats of course if you’re thinking about getting a high efficient gas frunace from Lennox. There are many reasons to buy a Lennox gas furnace, as well as many options to choose from. You can’t go wrong with a Lennox gas furnace.

Reasons to buy a Lennox Gas Furnace

Innovation and Quality

Lennox has long had a reputation for innovative inventions, and over the years they have been leaders in design and technology. At Lennox there is a constant search for new and improved methods and techniques. It is very difficult to go wrong when buying a Lennox gas furnace. This means that Lennox can offer a complete range of products to suit every need.

When you buy a Lennox gas furnace you are also buying a product from the leaders in Energy Innovation. Lennox goes beyond the basics required to bring you products that will save you money in energy bills. Apart from producing furnaces that save you money, they will also go the extra mile by providing you with tips and suggestions about how to save energy in your home in other ways.

When you buy a Lennox gas furnace you can rest assured that you are getting something of the highest quality and tested in the most advanced and thorough ways. Lennox goes out of their way to ensure that they produce products that will serve your heating needs in any environment.

Efficiency and Comfort

Lennox are leaders when it comes to the efficiency of their products, long noted as the leaders in this area. These furnaces, as previously mentioned, are highly energy efficient making them a great bet when looking for a gas furnace for your home. When you buy a Lennox gas furnace, you are not only buying a quality product, but also a product that will save you money in efficiency.

Silence is something that you can only experience for yourself. With a Lennox gas furnace you will receive a product that doesn’t intrude in terms of noise at all. Lennox has gone a long way to produce quality products that are innovative, efficient and comfortable, well at the same time being quiet and unnoticeable. There are very few products that achieve all of these aims in one neat and impressive package.

Furnaces are obviously designed to keep you warm when it is cold, but when you get a Lennox gas furnace you are not only getting a product designed to serve your basic heating needs, but also a product that is perfectly made to suit any possible need, no matter how specific your heating requirements are. Output can be varied in amounts as small as 1% allowing you to really feel comfortable no matter the outdoor temperature.

Lennox Gas Furnace


You can’t go wrong with a Lennox gas furnace. When you buy a Lennox gas furnace, you are buying from a manufacturer that has a long history of success and an unsurpassed reputation. Not only will you know that you are choosing a company that provides the best in indoor heating quality, but also one that is unrivalled in their reputation in all their products, showing consistency in their proficiency across the board. You know that you will get the perfect gas furnace for your home when it comes to Lennox, and one that will last for years to come.

As Lennox have received countless awards and recommendations regarding their products, you can rest assured that when you are buying a Lennox gas furnace, you are buying something that will never let you down. Reliability is an important factor at Lennox.

Warranty and Support

One of the big advantages to buying a Lennox gas furnace is the excellent warranty coverage you will receive. There are few others who offer the high quality warranties that you will get at Lennox. You can even play for extended warranty protection if necessary.

Generally speaking, when you buy any Lennox product you will be buying a product that serves you in the capacity for which it is designed, as well as one that serves the dual purpose of keeping your air clean and providing you with the healthiest air environment possible. As previously mentioned, Lennox also provides a number of tips on how to keep your household air clean and healthy, such as how often you should vacuum and why you should avoid aerosols with odours. Lennox is not only dedicated to bringing you quality products, they also have your best interests and health in mind.

When you buy a Lennox gas furnace you will be able to talk to a live operator Monday to Friday for 12 hours every day. Access to a live operator means that your immediate needs will be met efficiently and accurately, without the added annoyance of dealing with a voice prompt system or a recorded message. Lennox operators know that actions speak louder than words, and this can be seen in their dedicated and thoughtful customer care support. There are several Lennox dealers who even provide emergency after hour services as well as many other benefits, making the maintenance of your Lennox gas furnace a walk in the park. The technical service you receive from Lennox can also be seen in the initial installation. Lennox professionals are skilled in choosing, designing, and installing the perfect Lennox gas furnace for your home and your situation. This quality of service and care is maintained throughout the lifetime of your gas furnace.

Available Lennox Gas Furnace Products

Dave Lennox Signature Collection

  • SLP98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace – This is the quietest option available, the SLP98V Variable-Capacity Lennox Gas Furnace is the most efficient option available as it works to actively reduce your heating costs, and it will leave you feeling completely comfortable.
  • SL280V Variable Speed Gas Furnace – The SL280V Variable Speed Gas Furnace will keep you reliably warm, while also keeping noise to a minimum. This new system will also give you the peace of mind that comes with saving on energy costs.

Elite Series

  • G61V High-Efficiency Lennox Gas Furnace – This is basically a highly efficient gas furnace with variable speeds. The G61V High-Efficiency Gas Furnace reduces electrical considerably as it uses a state of the art motor. This furnace also has two stages of heating, allowing you to save money by reducing temperature swings in your home.
  • G61 Lennox Gas Furnace – This furnace is also a highly efficient heating system. The G61 Gas Furnace is a two-stage heating system, which means more comfort and more efficiency. This Gas Furnace works to reduce heating costs and increasing comfort by adjusting the heating output appropriately.
  • EL195E Gas Furnace – Although this is a single stage Lennox gas furnace, it still is far more efficient than most other single stage furnaces, especially as it has a constant fan mode.
  • EL195 Gas Furnace – This is the most highly efficient system available, gently controlling the air output while keeping you warm at a very low cost.
  • G60 Lennox Gas Furnace – Efficient, comfortable, and comes with two stages that allow you to save on energy bills and costs to a far higher degree.
  • G50 Gas Furnace – Provides continuous heat constantly, enveloping you in a cosy environment, and will cost you less in terms of energy bills.

Merit Series

  • ML180E Lennox Gas Furnace – This gas furnace model uses extremely innovative and effective technology to keep you warm while saving you money on electrical bills.
  • ML180 Lennox Gas Furnace – Exceptionally reliable, and exceptionally comfortable, this Lennox gas furnace can also save you money. You can rest assured in the knowledge that this Lennox gas furnace comes with a Lennox engineering guarantee.