Know More About Heil Gas Furnaces

Heil Heating and Cooling Products specialises in manufacturing heating and cooling units and accessories. Products are sold countrywide through local dealers. The Heil company website has a list of dealers that stock their products. They sell both gas and oil furnaces, and if you are looking to buy a furnace you cannot go wrong with a Heil gas furnace.

Heil is very popular with the public, HVAC contractors and builders because they know that a Heil gas furnace is of the highest quality. Heil furnaces are renowned for being very reliable, high-efficiency gas furnace units which are fairly maintenance-free. On top of all this, they are quite affordable too.

Whilst Heil offers a wide range of gas furnaces, one of the most popular in the Heil stable is the QuietComfort series. My aim in this article is to attempt to show you why that is so.

The Heil Gas Furnace Range

QuietComfort VS Series Gas Furnace

The QuietComfort VS Series Gas Furnaces consist of three Heil gas furnace models; the VS80, VS90, and the VS95. They all give quality performance and range between 80% and 95% efficiency. High-efficiency means that your energy costs will be less every month and performance will be optimal.

Each Heil Quiet Comfort VS Series Gas Furnace offers a very quiet operation which is possible because of the fact that they are housed in hardy thermal-lined cabinets which are constructed from top-grade steel. They are fully insulated in order that energy may be conserved and noise dampened.

Apart from the above, the three models have slight differences so that you can choose the one that suits your needs.

  • The Quiet Comfort VS80 – This Heil gas furnace delivers 80% efficiency and costs less than those that deliver higher efficiency, and is perfect for areas where the weather is not the coldest. It also offers a variable speed blower and has a two-stage operation which offers consistent heating and humidity levels.
  • The Quiet Comfort VS90 – This furnace has all of the same features as the VS 80 plus more. This model Heil gas furnace is energy Star rated for its 90% efficiency. Variable speed motor which reduces electricity usage.
  • The Quiet Comfort VS95 – All of the same features as the above two plus the highest efficiency rate of 95% returns the lowest energy bills, high-performance design and a two-stage system runs on low most of the time to save energy and ramps up quickly when needed. Once stabilised at the required temperature it will maintain on low.

Each Heil gas furnace in this range is easily convertible to work with liquid propane. All furnaces come with lifetime limited coverage on the primary and secondary heat exchangers.

QuietComfort DLX Series Gas Furnaces

The Heil Quiet Comfort DLX Series Gas Furnaces offer three different efficiencies. It is your choice which one you choose, according to your wallet and the weather in the area in which you live. You can decide to buy a Heil gas furnace where you pay less up front and more each month or vice versa.

  • All units combine quality craftsmanship and materials with efficiencies between 80% and 95%.
  • All units have solid cabinets with thermal lining to reduce noise levels when operational.
  • All units are renowned for their reliability.
  • The Quiet Comfort DLX 95 – This is the most efficient unit at 95% efficiency rating, it offers superior performance and Energy Star 95% AFUE, efficient burning, and offers an outdoor vent option for reducing pollution and irritants in the air.

All furnaces in this range have lifetime coverage of the heat exchanger and a 10 year warranty on all other moving parts.

Heil Gas Furnace

QuietComfort IIS Series Gas Furnaces

All of the furnaces in this range are compatible with the central air models, which enables you to have total climate control throughout the year, no matter the weather. There are two models in this range, the QuietComfort IIS 80, and the QuietComfort IIS 90.

Each Heil gas furnace in this range is encompassed in a solid steel cabinet which is thermal lined and insulated. Rubber motor mounts and a double wall door camouflage all operational sounds. A two-stage operating system uses low fan and low heat to maintain a cosy indoor climate and switches to high when there is a sudden change in temperature.

  • The QuietComfort IIS 80 – Has an 80% efficiency rating, sports an RPJ III heat-exchanger, and the triple-coated steel cabinet is corrosion-resistant .
  • The QuietComfort IIS 90 – This model has all the above features as the IIS 80 and boasts a 92% Energy Star efficiency rating. Both of these units should return an energy saving of between 15% and 25% per month. The heat exchanger on both of these models is covered by a 25-year limited warranty.

QuietComfort XS Series Gas Furnaces

Innovative design and proven reliability makes this series very popular with the home-owner and heating contractors alike. There is basically only one model currently in this range, the Quiet Comfort XS80

  • The QuietComfort XS 80 – A Direct Hot Surface Ignition System with an advanced silicon nitride igniter and in-shot gas furnace burners. This model sports state-of-the-art electronic controls which monitor the system operation and provides easier and quicker system diagnostics efficiency. Compatible with two-stage cooling and the advanced dehumidification capability reduces extraneous moisture when paired with a humidity sensor. It also offers an insulated cabinet, tight fitting door and soft-mount rubber gaskets make for reduced operating noise and vibration. The XS 80 also comes with a patented draft safety switch which will shut down the unit in the event the vent is blocked. This unit also supplies high-efficiency warm air throughout your home whilst the computerised operation ensures that there are no sudden cold gusts and keeps the flow constant.

Quiet Comfort PS Series Gas Furnaces

The final Heil gas furnace series that will be discuss in brief is the Heil Quiet Comfort PS Series Gas Furnace. As with all of Heil’s products they are very popular with homeowners and contractors and have an excellent reputation for reliability.

These furnaces are made from materials that are extremely durable and components that meet the highest production standards. There are various levels of efficiency and it is up to you to choose whichever unit suits your lifestyle and home.

  • The PS90-DV Series Gas Furnace – This gas furnace model offer a induced draft blower that is efficient and very quiet, a multi-speed circulation motor, a Energy Star rating of 90%, direct air vent, and durable aluminised steel heat exchanger backed up by a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger.
  • The PS92 Series Gas Furnace – The patented RPJ III heat exchanger is used together with a secondary stainless steel exchanger to capture more heat than any other furnace. The 92% efficiency rating earns this unit the Energy Star, and it is eligible for Federal energy rebates.

Both of these Heil gas furnace models are built into strong steel cabinets which are very well-insulated and durable. Heat exchangers are covered with a 20 year replacement warranty. Other parts carry Heil’s standard 10-year limited warranty.