Goodman GMVC95 Gas Furnace Review

The Goodman GMVC95 Gas Furnace is equipped with one of the best warranties on the market. Aside from the lifetime warranty on the product, if the heat exchanger ever fails on this unit, Goodman will replace the entire unit as long as you own you home. Original, registered homeowners will also be serviced if any of the functioning parts ever fail, replacing them with quality parts during the first 10 years of ownership.

Its parts include the dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger, the two-gas valve that operates on either two-stage or single-stage thermostats, and a low-noise two-speed induced-draft blower. It also has the efficient variable-speed circulator motor that efficiently ramps up and down depending on the heating and cooling demands and operates on ultra-quiet mode.

The Silicon Nitride Igniter having adaptive learning capabilities to maximize igniter life and an integrated electronic control board having a low-voltage terminal clock, separate terminals for electronic air cleaner with 120-volt and 24-volt humidifiers, and self-diagnostic technology to diagnose present problems before these damage the units are also among the features.

Using the low-constant fan mode it allows the homeowner to operate the unit on the lowest available heating speed and circulate the air quietly and efficiently spending as little energy as lighting a 75-watt light bulb. The Goodman GMVC95 Gas Furnace is dual certified to use non-direct vent applications and sealed combustion direct vent applications. It has a 95% efficiency rating that ensures 95% of each dollar you spend on operating a heating system such as this unit will efficiently control and stabilize the temperature of the air.

These parts will be encased within fully insulated, heavy Goodman GMVC95 Gas Furnacegauge steel cabinets with durable baked-enamel finish. The heat exchanger compartment will be protected by foil-faced insulation and airtight solid bottom to use for side-return applications. There are also easy to remove tabs for effortless removal for bottom air-inlet applications.

Installation plays a huge role on a gas furnace’s life. Make sure that the furnace will be installed correctly by experienced local contractors as most furnace problems are connected to clumsy installations by inexperienced contractors. The Goodman GMVC95 Gas Furnace is an efficient heating system for anyone looking for durable, convenient furnaces at a cheap price.