Goodman GMH95 Gas Furnace Review

The GMH95 Gas Furnace from Goodman is a Lifetime warrantied furnace for registered homeowners. The outstanding warranty on this product has two parts. If the furnace made with aluminized-steel-dual-diameter tubular heat exchangers, unfortunately fails during its first 10 years in your care then Goodman will replace the whole unit as long as you live and own your home.

It also has durable 110-volt Silicon Nitride Igniters and electronic control boards with self-diagnostic technology and provisions for humidifiers and electronic air cleaners. If any of these parts fail during the first 10 years it is owned Goodman will replace any of the parts. This furnace makes your home’s temperature stable because it eliminates the abrupt, high-stage stops and starts of standard furnaces that operate at low heat most of the time.

Most of the owners of a Goodman GMH95 Gas Furnace have found it convenient and states that it is the best of its kind. It has the ability to keep the heat steady at a certain temperature, saving lots of money. There are two kinds of furnaces, the 80% and 95% model. Think of the 80% model furnace spending 80 cents of a dollar on heating your house and 20 cents wastes out on the chimney.

The 95% model uses up 95cents on heating yourGoodman GMH95 Gas Furnace home and 5 cents is wasted. If you have bought standard furnaces that stops and starts most of the time you unwisely spend your 80 or 95 cents on your furnace. The warranty and price is also a great plus to the clients, as they don’t have to spend their money on expensive repairs.

But not all of the clients who bought this furnace are satisfied. One of them have stated that the furnace stops abruptly and they have to blow the trapped water out of a hose of the furnace to make it work again. Most of them have complained about the installation, as this is the most important element of any furnace purchase. If any furnace hasn’t been installed properly then it will most likely shorten the furnace’s lifespan.

The Goodman GMH95 Gas Furnace is a great convenience as it is efficient in making your house warm and cozy. Just make sure that it is installed properly and you have the warranties Goodman proposes.