Goodman GKS9 Gas Furnace Review

Having an efficient furnace is the key to saving energy on your home. Efficient furnaces are hard to find especially on the internet as most of the reviews for a certain furnace are biased.

It is a good thing that a proven efficient gas furnace with solid parts and capabilities can be purchased from Goodman, releasing yet another of its great inventions with great warranties to back it up. Presenting the Goodman GKS9 Gas Furnace. It has a 92.1% efficiency rating to heat up your home in steady, warm temperatures not wasting money on low heat modes resulting in frustrating stop and start problems.

The GKS9 Gas Furnace is a corrosion-resistant, painted steel cased gas furnace with 92.1% AFUE efficiency rating. It has a dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger and a quiet four-speed blower motor that saves energy while it runs. The Durable Hot surface igniter comes hand in hand with a Norton Mini-igniter; it can be controlled using the electronic control board having self-diagnostics technology. Lastly, a quiet single-speed induced draft blower is also included in its array of high-quality parts. Backing up the high ratings of this furnace is a 10-year warranty on all of its functional parts, and if the heat exchanger on this unit ever fails, the owner will receive a new heat exchanger.

Most of the consumers of the GKS9 have givenGoodman GKS9 Gas Furnace satisfactory ratings on the unit. Its 92.1% efficiency ratings can be felt throughout the day or night even on snowstorms. Think of the rating as 92 cents of every dollar that you have spent on central heating will be spent on heating up the house in steady owner-controlled temperatures, while 8 cents is wasted on the chimney. Making the temperature stable is the key to making the most out of your furnaces.

The Goodman GKS9 Gas Furnace needs quality installation to ensure that you get the most out of your unit. Whether you buy from local stores, or from online retailers, make sure that you get a qualified local contractor that has lots of experience in installing and repairing gas furnaces. You don’t want your savings to be wasted on the chimney; you want it to be used for your family’s convenience.