Goodman GDS8 Gas Furnace Review

The Goodman GDS8 Gas furnace is a single-stage furnace that provides efficient, balanced heating to any home or residence. It is a multi-speed gas furnace with a dual diameter aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger, patented with a 10-year furnace replacement warranty and Silicon Nitride igniters furnished with adaptive learning control to maximize igniter life.

To save energy without sacrificing efficiency, it has a four-speed circulator blower motor that has low-noise capabilities. This 80% AFUE efficient gas furnace operates on an electronic control board furnished with self-diagnostic technology that allows the machine to diagnose problems even before it causes damages. The control board, which also has provisions for electronic air cleaners and a 24-volt humidifier and color-coded low-voltage terminals, saves the last five diagnostic codes into its memory for easy continuous operations.

The Goodman GDS8 gas furnace is designed to run on heating or heating/cooling operations and run-tested from the manufacturer to ensure quality operations. Its low constant fan gives the homeowner the power to activate the low heat speed and efficiently circulate air throughout the residence.

The self-adjusting feature integrated into the system adjustsGoodman GDS8 Gas Furnace the temperature automatically to high or low heat based on surrounding temperature and produces a stable temperature throughout the operation. Most of the gas furnaces today does not efficiently heat the residence due to abrupt stop and start operations that waste energy on restarting the machine. With Goodman gas furnace units, the self-adjusting feature will take care of giving your home enough warmth without wasting any of your pennies on restarting the machine.

Patented with the best lifetime warranty on the market, Goodman will replace the heat exchanger if ever the one on a registered homeowner’s unit fails. Aside from that, all the functioning parts will also be replaced in case if any of them fails during the 10-year warranty period.

Just contact experienced and skilled local contractors to install the parts or the unit itself to prolong furnace life. Efficiency is key to saving on heating expenses, with the GDS8 gas furnace 80 cents of each dollar spent on heating expenses will be used to efficiently stabilize the temperature of your home, while 20 cents will be the by-product going out of the chimney.