What to know about Gas Furnace Rebates

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Unfortunately not even the best made appliance with the best warranty can last forever. When it is time to replace your furnace, you need to look at where you can save money and where you can actually claim money back. Newer sometimes is better and not only can you save money and claim money back but your newer furnace will also save you on heating costs.

For certain gas furnaces you will be able to claim back a rebate but there are terms and conditions that are attached to the claiming of the rebate. When you buy a new gas furnace with a higher efficiency, you can claim a bigger rebate than when you buy a furnace with a lower efficiency. You need to look into what rebates you can get before you buy a new furnace and also which furnace will suit the needs of your home as well as your budget.

There are various appliances in your home that will earn you a rebate when you replace them and it is well worth looking into which of your appliances, including your gas furnace are responsible for your high energy costs. The sooner you have these appliances replace, the more money you will save in the long run on energy costs as well as maintenance.

Just as there is a limited lifespan on our appliances, there is also a limited availability of natural resources which feed these appliances and once they run out, there is no way to replace or to replenish them and for this reason, we need to find sustainable ways to make our appliances work with us in the bid to save on energy and resources and the best incentive to do this is by making it affordable for consumers to purchase and use these new innovative products.

What is a Gas Furnace Rebate

Because countries all over the world are trying to conserve energy as well as natural resources the Federal government has implemented a program where consumers can trade in their appliances that are not energy efficient for appliances that are energy star approved. Although the consumer will not be able to make a straight swap they will be able to get an amount back which is then the rebate. Many of the appliances in our home are responsible for the wasting of natural resources and it is up to the government to find a way to make it affordable for home owners to replace their appliances with those which are desired for energy saving.

This program is also known as cash for appliances. EPAs Energy Star is responsible for identifying which appliances are up to the energy saving standard that they need to be in order to utilize fuel efficiently and in order for the consumer then to qualify for the rebate or cash incentive. There is no better way to motivate consumers to buy products that will save on energy than by rewarding them with money back in their pockets.

The products that have the Energy Star mark are then the products that you would need to buy in order to qualify for the rebates that the Federal government has set out by State. The products which carry the Energy Star mark generally use between 20 and 30 percent less energy than the standard which has been set out by government and the Environmental Protection Agency and is of far better quality than other products which do not have the approval from Energy Star.

Illinois and Iowa were the first states to implement this program and many consumers have made use of the system to exchange their old worn down gas furnaces already. This system is now available countrywide, but you will need to apply for the rebates according to which furnace you want to have installed.

Qualifying for a Gas Furnace Rebate

Although the rebates are freely available, there will be certain terms and conditions in place to make sure that the consumers who deserve these rebates are not compromised by others who take advantage of the system. Although it may seem like extra work to go through for so little, at the end of the day it is worth the effort which has been put in place to protect you as a caring consumer.

The first step in making sure you qualify for gas furnace rebates is by looking into a new furnace which has the mark of Energy Star on the product. If you buy any other product, you will not be able to qualify for the rebate at all.

The fuel you use for your furnace needs to be approved natural gas for you to qualify for the rebate. If it is not, then it may not be compatible with the Energy Star furnace. These furnaces are manufactured to work with this natural gas source. This gas line also needs to be delivered to the address where the furnace will be installed.

In order to qualify for a $150 rebate, you need to replace your current furnace with a furnace with an annual fuel utilization efficiency of 94 to 96 percent. This means that only 6 to 4 percent of the gas that is used by your furnace is lost due to the heating process and the rest is actually used to heat up your home.

To qualify for a $250 rebate you need to be replacing your current gas furnace with a furnace with an AFUE of higher than 96 percent. The better your furnace is, the better your furnace will use the fuel supplied to heat up your home and the less fuel is wasted on heating.

Should your home use electricity as well as natural gas and your furnace is equipped with a variable speed motor you will qualify for the following rebates according to your furnace and its AFUE:

  • A 94 to 96 percent AFUE with a built in variable speed motor will get you a $200 rebate
  • A 96 or higher percentage AFUE with a built in variable speed motor will earn you a $300 rebate.

How Can You Apply for a Rebate

The funds that are used to pay out the rebates are limited and thus you will not always be paid out your rebate. All appliances that have been purchased and installed between 1 January 2010 and 31 December 2012 will qualify for a rebate, but the appliances that have been installed need to have the Energy Star mark on the product.

You can apply for a Federal Tax credit you will need to fill in the IRS form and submit it with your taxes. Even though your Energy Star products may cost more to purchase initially, you can claim your rebates and the product will also save you money on your fuel bill every month.

You would need to fill in the relevant information on the line for residential energy tax credit.

You can apply for these rebates either online or through the mail. If you have a computer with internet access it may be better to submit your application online because it saves on time and will help you to secure your rebate as these funds are limited. Submitting your application online also ensures that your application is not lost in the postal system. Should you have no choice but to post your application, it would be advised to do so via registered mail so that you can trace the progress of your application.

The Benefits of Complying with Energy Laws

The aim of governing bodies all over the world of cutting down on the carbon footprint on our environment means more than just saving you money on rebates although this is a welcome bonus.

Should your furnace be outdated, it could pose a certain health risk for you and your family as well as poisoning the atmosphere and costing you a much larger amount each month on your heating costs.

There will come a time where furnaces that are not compliant with the energy saving standards will be illegal and it would cost so much more to have them replaced at that stage because a large amount of consumers will want to replace their outdated furnaces which will push up the demand for compliant gas furnaces and this will in turn push the price of all units up considerably.

It is far better to have your gas furnace inspected and assessed to see if it needs replacing and to have it replaces sooner rather than later to avoid any problems and unnecessary costs in the future. You will then secure the health of your family as well as save yourself money in the long run by having old and outdated furnaces replaced.

If your furnace is older than 20 years, you should have it replaced while you still can. Have your fuel lines inspected as well to make sure that they are compliant, leak-free and that they will be compatible with any new unit you will install.