Gas Furnace Cost and Savings Comparisons

The main focus of this article is gas furnace cost. Now this is a very interesting sort of discussion because when you do talk about cost you have to ask yourself exactly what costs are you talking about and are you looking at costs from a narrow financial perspective or are you looking at it from a broader more inclusive perspective. This article is going to look at gas furnace cost from a broader perspective but of course without neglecting to talk about the monetary costs of using a gas furnace and the implication that it has for you and your financial well being.

Gas Furnace Cost Comparisons

Let me start with the most obvious cost that is associated with using a gas fired furnace and that is the financial one. The fact is that compared to the alternatives being oil and electricity fired gas furnaces the actual cost of the fuel is not very expensive. However, when you do save on the gas is a bit balanced out by the fact that the costs of installing a gas furnace are actually relatively high, but if you look at the fact that the fuel is cheaper the costs of installation and the savings that you will make will actually pay back for themselves over time. The gas furnace cost of installation is also dependent on the size of gas furnace that you do actually install and its efficiency levels. If you install a high efficiency gas furnace then the cost of installing it will be higher but you will make a lot more savings on the fuel cost because such systems being more efficient will use less gas over time. Similarly the inverse is also true, if you install a less efficient system then the gas furnace cost from a monetary standpoint will be less when it comes to installing it but you will make a lot less saving on the gas itself over time.

Gas Availability

Furthermore, not all areas have a ready and easy supply to gas so it might also be an added cost to supply your home if you live in an area that does not already have a gas supply. This can increase the gas furnace cost considerably, as you have to take into account the fact that installing a gas supply is not an easy option and in fact can make it totally financially enviable to go for gas depending on exactly how far you actually are from the nearest gas supply.
Gas Furnace Cost
However, you must also take into account that if you install a highly efficient gas system then you will also stand in line for tax credits on an annual basis this is a saving to your pocket and you must not neglect to take this into account when calculating your actual gas furnace cost.


Then there is the topic of gas and the cost to the environment. Here gas is a hands down winner when it comes to cost and if you compare it to the other alternatives. Gas burns a lot cleaner than other fuel alternatives making it less of a cost to atmospheric pollution and the process of extracting gas is a much less intrusive process than for instance, coal generated electricity that does have a high environmental cost. So if you look at gas furnace cost from this environmental perspective and if the environment is an important consideration to, which it should be then remember that in taking into account the cost of your heating system you should not only consider the cost to your picket but also the cost that it has to the environment as well.


Then there is the safety cost, we all know the dangers of electricity, and petroleum based products in the home. But if these are used and maintained in the correct manner then the safety coast of such fuel sources is actually relatively low. The same can also be said about gas furnaces and the fact that the gas furnace cost to your safety can be reduced if you maintain you system correctly and ensure that you do use it in the correct and safe manner. The only additional problem there is when dealing with gas is that gas leaks are hard to detect in many gas and when there is a gas leak it presents a huge safety problem in the home especially considering that the gas is in many cases odourless.


So there are all the factors for you to consider when dealing with gas furnace cost it really is all just up to you to decide, which brand you are going to use and how you are going to reduce the costs that you incur from your side. It really is a matter of trading off between short term costs and long term savings that is the thing about gas and using it as an alternative source of fuel you really have to look at the bigger picture and work from a longer term perspective gas is a short term cost and the savings that you will make in the long run are ultimately savings that you will not see now but in the future. So there it is if you ask me what the gas furnace cost is as an alternative source of energy for your heating needs then I will say if you look at the entire picture then the cost is actually quite low compared to the alternatives.

But all is not that rosy on the long term front. Gas is becoming more and more an alternative that people are turning to and the main reason why the cost of gas remains comparatively low is the fact that not everybody uses it, i.e. there is lower demand for it. But as the gas alternative becomes more attractive and the demand grows then there is certainly a case to say that the savings that you make on lower gas prices will disappear. Visit our gas furnace prices page for more info on the various gas furnace brands available and their prices.