Get To Know Your Coleman Gas Furnace

Coleman is a company which specialises in outdoor equipment and HVAC equipment. Although they only manufacture two series of Coleman gas furnace, they are amongst the top rated furnaces in the world. The two series they offer are the Coleman Echelon Modulating Gas Furnace and the Coleman Comforteer series.

One of the features that makes the Coleman gas furnace a top rated furnace is its efficiency rating. At a time when most of us are concerned with global warming, we are all desperately trying to limit our carbon footprint, so fuel efficiency is important. The other reason is that during the icy cold winters we are all affected by the rising cost of energy, which is of huge concern. According to the AFUE, this model Coleman gas furnace comes in with a whopping 98% efficiency.

Before we discuss what all a Coleman gas furnace can offer you, it is important that you have a little bit of information about how a furnace works and which components go into the make-up of a gas furnace:

  • Gas furnaces have a burner wherein either natural or propane gas is burned.
  • An ignition source which lights the gas. In older gas furnaces this was via a pilot light; most modern furnaces use an electronic igniter which saves on fuel.
  • A heat exchanger through which the burning gas is transferred to the distribution system.
  • A blower motor which blows the clean hot air through the ductwork which is installed throughout your home.
  • A vent pipe which will get rid of by-products created by the burning of the gas, such as water vapour and carbon dioxide. In high-efficiency units these vents are made of corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Gas furnaces can earn an Energy Star Rating only if they meet very strict energy efficiency guidelines as set out by the United States Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. A Coleman gas furnace is between 15% and 25% more energy efficient than most models.

    The Echelon range consists of the Echelon CP9C and the Echelon CPLC. The CPLC Coleman gas furnace is very affordable and has an efficiency of 80%. The CP9C has the best efficiency rating of 98% according to the AFUE. The efficiency on the CP9C far exceeds the required government standards. At these percentages both models are very efficient and will save you a lot of money on your monthly energy bills.

    Coleman Echelon Modulating Gas Furnace

    • Modulating heat keeps the home at a comfortable temperature.
    • Temperatures raised or lowered in 1% increments
    • Digital controls
    • Precise firing via electronic ignition
    • Variable speed blower motor
    • Insulated combustion systems
    • Low-noise fans
    • Eco-Trak technology
    • Lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger

    Coleman is very proud of the extended warranties they offer, as they can back each and every Coleman gas furnace up with the knowledge that only the best materials are used in their manufacture. They also encourage professionalism through North American Technician Excellence, Inc. Nate is the top certification programme for HVAC/R technicians. It is also the only test that is recognised by the entire HVAC/R industry.

    The Echelon Coleman gas furnace has an advanced filtration system which ensures that the air that is being circulated within your home is clean and healthy. This is very important for the family’s health and for those who suffer from allergies. The automatic electronic ignition eliminates the need for a pilot light and the blower motor is so quiet that you hardly hear a thing while it is operating.

    The Consumers Digest awarded the Best Buy Award to theColeman Gas Furnace CP9C Coleman gas furnace due to the fact that it is a top-of-the-line furnace which delivers excellent performance and a 98% AFUE efficiency rating. This furnace is also far safer than all older models of furnaces. The Coleman furnace is manufactured by Johnson Controls.

    The modulating system works well as it enables you to set the furnace at one temperature which is the most comfortable, and then leave it. It will modulate itself so that the rooms are always at the set required temperature. The fact that this furnace gradually increases heat in the morning over a period of approximately fifteen minutes instead of blasting at full force immediately is great.

    Remember that there are Federal tax credits available on high efficiency gas furnaces, and the Coleman gas furnace definitely is highly efficient. Some local energy companies also offer company rebates, so it would be in your interest to research these as they could make the initial purchase price of your furnace even lower.

    Coleman Comforteer Series Gas Furnaces

    • The Energy Star logo denotes that you can conserve energy with those models which carry it.
    • The advanced designs deliver between 80% and 95% efficiency.
    • Federal Tax Credits are available on 95% of Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency models.
    • Electronic ignition makes these models far safer than the old pilot light models.
    • The insulated blower compartment minimises heat loss and reduces the noise factor.
    • The cabinet is made for long-term durability.
    • Johnson Controls units offer compact design
    • Four-way forkable full-perimeter base rails make for easy installation.
    • Return duct connections and side-supply afford easy hook-ups to ducts that may be situated in low or small crawlspaces.
    • There are five different sizes available, and they operate slightly differently.
    • The 2, 2.5, and 3-ton cooling units use 3-speed permanent split capacitor fan motors.
    • The 4 and 5-ton units and the Comforteer packaged heat pump models make use of a constant torque motor mounted on the indoor supply fan.
    • The top discharge condenser fan allows for upward air-flow which ensures that any operating noises are carried away from the living area.

    A Coleman gas furnace is a sleek unit which will look good in your home and will also be so quiet that you will not even know it is there, except for the wonderful warmth that will envelop your family in the dead of winter. If you invest in a matching Echelon series 2-stage air conditioner or heat pump when you purchase an Echelon Furnace, Coleman will also give you their Performance Promise Plan which is a lifetime limited compressor warranty and a 10-year limited parts warranty.