Coleman Comforteer TG9S Gas Furnace Review

The Coleman Comforteer TG9S Gas Furnace helps to heat your home while saving you money in the short and the long term. With a high efficiency and a computerized system that makes sure that the heat is distributed evenly throughout your home, you will get the best out of each day you use your furnace to heat or cool your home.

With a 95.5% AFUE you will be hard pressed to find a more affordable unit for your heating and cooling needs for your home. This makes the Comforteer TG9S economical as well as being environmentally friendly by the same accord. Saving money can now be done with a clear conscience.

To prove its efficiency and that it is economical, you can look at the EnerGuide label on the product which will provide you will all of the information you need to make the right choice when buying a new furnace.

Specifics, Features and Benefits

Apart from being a major brand at an affordable rate, there are a few things that makes the Coleman comforter TG9S Gas furnace stand out from other units.

Affordability – The TG9S is not as expenses as many of the other brands in its range and the 95.5% AFUE will ensure that the money you spend on heating actually goes on warming up your home and not into feeding the atmosphere.

Efficiency – Being affordable is one of the benefits of this model furnace, but with the reliability of this unit to heat up your home evenly also means that you will not have to run the furnace for long periods of time in order for the heat to spread through you home. The evenly spread heat from the furnace will ensure that your home is kept at the same temperature that will make it cost effective for you to run your furnace every day.

Energy Saving – There are many new and strict rules that apply to how much fuel your furnace is allowed to use and because this model runs at such a high efficiency level, it complies with all of these regulations while exceeding them at the same time because the aim of conserving natural resources is being helped along a great deal.
Coleman Comforteer TG9S Gas Furnace
Ease of Use – Maintaining, servicing and troubleshooting on your furnace and heating system can cost you quite a large sum per year if your furnace is old or complicated. With the easy to use computerized system you will have none of these problems and fault finding is not only easy, but does not take as long as with other types of furnaces.

Compatibility – The high efficiency rating on the TG9S makes this unit perfect for nearly all size homes. The compact design of the units makes them easy to install into places that are not in the way such as the garage, a cupboard or even under a staircase which makes this unit a dream to install in a small home or apartment as well.

Durability by Design – The folded edges and the durable design of this unit will ensure that with proper maintenance and servicing your TG9S will last longer than the manufacturer’s expectancy. The solid front panel also helps with hygiene and the durability of the unit. This gives you peace of mind that your unit will last you at least 20 years.

Cutting Down on Noise – Being able to hear yourself think and having a gas furnace that does not interfere with the peaceful setting of your home makes the TG9S the perfect furnace for any home. The induced heat system is responsible for the quiet running of the motor which will give you an even temperature in your home with less fuss and noise.

Other models in the Coleman comforter series include:

  • TCGD
  • TCGF
  • TG9S
  • THGF
  • THGD

Product Warranty

The TG9S comes with the following standard warranty:

  • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger
  • 10 Year limited warranty on the working parts

This warranty is only available if:

  • The unit has been installed after 1 May 2009
  • The unit has been registered within 90 days after the unit has been installed
  • The unit has been installed by an approved technician

Should these requirements not be met, the warranty will revert to a 5 year limited warranty on the parts of the Furnace.