The Coleman Comforteer TG8S Gas Furnace Review

A great number of products these days have gained a reputation for not making things the way they used to, but with a Coleman Comforteer TG8S gas furnace, this statement may be a positive affirmation of the quality and the innovative technology that has been used in its manufacture.

The computerization of this gas furnace puts you in control of the unit with regards to how you want it to heat your home and how often to which temperature your home should be heated. The quiet comfort that is afforded by this unit gives you the luxury of having the right temperature in your home all through the year during any time of the day. The design also makes it easy to do troubleshooting and fault finding.

During the cold winter months, you will be very grateful that you purchased a unit that heats your home evenly at a fraction of the cost of many other types of gas furnaces. Although you may want to have those special moments to huddle up under a blanket, it is good to know that you can still do this but it will be because you want to and not because this is the only way you can afford to stay warm.

Other gas furnaces in the ColemanColeman Comforteer TG8S Gas Furnace Comforteer range include:

  • TCGD
  • TCGF
  • TG9S
  • THGF
  • THGD

With an 80% AFUE you are guaranteed to save money each month on your heating costs making the heating of your home both convenient and affordable.

Benefits and Features of the Coleman Comforteer TG8S Gas Furnace

With a Coleman gas furnace you are assured of quality that will not let you down and will last for so much longer. There are quite a few reasons for you to prefer a Coleman Comforteer to any other gas furnace.

Reliability – The durable and never-say-die construction of this model will give you the assurance that year after year you will have the heating and the cooling from your unit that will meet your needs when you want it and where you want it. With qualified technicians to install your product for you, you will have the confidence to start using you’re your TG8S from the first day without the worry that it is not installed properly.

Environmentally Friendly – With and 80% AFUE, you can rest assured that your Comforteer TG8S will give you the cost cutting on your heating costs as well as cutting down on the carbon footprint on the ozone layer. The AFUE percentage of your furnace gives you an indication of how much of the money you spend on heating costs during a year actually goes into heating your home. The rest is lost during the natural heating process and this gas that is given off, is released out of your home and into the air and atmosphere. The more efficient your furnace is, the less of these emissions will be given off into the outside air.

Ease of Maintenance and Service – The design of the Comforteer TH8S makes it easy for technicians and homeowners to maintain the unit as well as servicing the unit. With regular maintenance and service, your furnace will give you many more years of reliable service and comfort in your home. It is also affordable to have your unit serviced because it is less complicated to work on.

Affordability – The initial costs of buying this 80% AFUE unit is not high in comparison to some of the other brands of the same efficiency and finding parts are not as expensive either. The all around affordability of this gas furnace makes it a great cost saver.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The warranty that is given to you if you have had your unit installed after 1 May 2009 and covers the following:

  • 20 Year limited warranty on the heat exchanger
  • 10 Year limited warranty on the working parts

The unit will also need to be registered within 90 days after the unit has been installed or the warranty will revert to a 5 year limited warranty on the parts of the furnace. You will also need an approved technician to install your furnace as your warranty will not cover damage to the unit if not properly installed or if damaged during installation.