Carrier Performance 96 Two Stage New Edition Gas Furnace

The Carrier Performance 96 Two-Stage New Edition Gas Furnace offers the efficient heating capacity that will suit the needs of your home with the two-stage heating capabilities that can warm your home in even the coldest temperatures while operating in harmony with nature in its very quiet way.

Key Features And Benefits

  • High efficiency levels of up to 96.7% AFUE which is one of the highest efficiencies available in Gas Furnaces. This means that 96.7 cents out of each dollar of fuel you use goes towards heating your home and only 3.3 cents out of that dollar will be wasted. The higher the AFUE on the furnace, the more money you save on your heating costs.
  • The two stages of heat make sure that you have the best heating power even in the coldest of winters. The first stage is always in use when the gas furnace is in use and the second high-stage heating engages during more severe cold to give you the heat you need right through the year.
  • The Multi-stage ECM blower motor delivers electrical efficiency all year long, during heating and cooling operation and operates and noise levels well below that of a normal conversation. Should you add the Insulated cabinet and the Two-speed inducer and you have the quietest running motor you can buy.
  • The SmartEvap technology can lower the humidity in your home by nearly 10% which makes the air in your home easier to breath.
  • The ComfortFan technology allows you to select the fan speed for more control over your heating or cooling.
  • With each unit you will get a 10-year parts limited warranty when properly registered. You need to be the original owner of the unit in order to qualify for this warrantee and the unit will need to be installed by an approved technician to assure that the unit has been installed correctly and not damaged during installation. This warrantee is not transferable.

Carrier Performance 96 Specifications

Unit Performance

  • Efficiency of up to 96.5% Carrier Performance Series Two-Stage Gas Furnacewhich means that you are wasting less money on the fuel you use for your heating.
  • Inducer motor that has a single speed control to supply your home with a constant flow of warm air.
  • The Gas Valve is set up for Two heating stages which means that you have more control over the use of gas in the heating of your home and can set the gas down to 40% of the furnace’s capacity.
  • Limited parts warrantee of 10 years when you have properly registered and have had your unit properly installed by a professional and a lifetime limited warrantee on the heat exchanger. This gives you the peace of mind that your unit will last very long and you need to only maintain it.
  • ENERGY STAR guidelines are followed in the manufacture and design of the units to ensure energy efficiency which means that at the end of the day you spend less money to heat your home the temperature you normally like to have it.


  • On Board Diagnostics for ease of troubleshooting and fault finding that can be set via PDA or Laptop making it technologically advanced and user-friendly.
  • The controls are supported by Infinity control, Thermidistat, and most other thermostats.


  • The Carrier Performance 96 Two-Stage new Edition Gas Furnace has a full-featured ECM Blower motor with multiple speeds which grants more control over the amount of air flowing into your home.
  • Capacity of 60 000 – 120 000 BTUH which is the British way of measuring how many units it takes to heat one pound of water 1°F more.
  • The primary heat exchanger is produced from Aluminized steel which grants the unit its light weight and durable nature.
  • The Secondary heat exchanger is made from Fin-and-tube stainless steel which is also a very durable metal.
  • This unit can operate on natural gas as well as liquid propane which gives you a choice of which fuel will be more affordable for you to use.
  • The Casing of the unit is made of Galvanized steel for increased strength and rigidity and is then coated with a baked on urethane base coat with a polyester top coat which makes the unit long lasting and easy to clean.


The original owner will have a limited 10 year warrantee on all working parts of the unit and a lifetime warrantee on the Heat Exchanger upon the proper registration of your new unit.

If the unit is not registered within 90 days of purchase a 5 year warrantee will be given on the parts and a 20 year warrantee on the Heat Exchanger.