Carrier Infinity ICS Gas Furnace Review

Get the best in comfort for you and your family with the Carrier Infinity ICS Gas Furnace. The Carrier Infinity ICS is one of the best with precision temperature control and an up to 95% AFUE rating. When winter comes and you start to think about which method you will use to heat your home, consider this unit. It is one of the best currently on the market and benefits of using it are multiple.

Benefits of the Infinity ICS Furnace

  • This Carrier furnace is all about comfort and that includes reduced noise. It is so quiet; you may not even realize it is there.
  • Control the temperature and find the setting you prefer with excellent temperature control.
  • Ideal Comfort technology ensures whether hot or cold, mildly warm or subtly cool, you get the temperature right every time, and in every room you need it.
  • Comfort Heat Technology gives you access to a variable speed furnace or fan coil, ensuring the indoor temperature is as you need it at all times.
  • Ideal Humidity System keeps the temperature and the humidity constant, so that your family can rest easy all night long. Even if you are not heating or cooling your home, the system keeps the humidity in your home under control.
  • A sealed combustion system to keep the unit working for the long term
  • Power Heat ignition takes away the need for a pilot light
  • Lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a ten-year parts limited warranty.


Performance:Carrier Infinity ICS Gas Furnace

With an up to 98.5% AFUE rating, users of this unit are guaranteed efficiency and effectiveness. When you need to keep your home warm, you need a heating unit you can trust, and that is why with a variable speed inducer motor and a 10 parts limited warranty, the Carrier Infinity ICS Gas Furnace is one of the best currently available. And if you are concerned about the environment, you will be glad to know that the unit meets all of the ENERGY STAR requirements for energy saving.


This unit uses the Infinity Control, Thermidistat and general thermostats to keep the temperature even. Whether you prefer it hot or simply warm, the unit ensures a constant temperature. Variable speed controls ensure that the unit either speeds up or slows down its fans to maintain comfort level. This also improves air circulation so that you get the benefits of comfort while reducing use of energy and costs.


The Carrier Infinity ICS Gas Furnace has an impressive capacity of 60 000 to 120,000 BTUH, and features a variable-speed motor. The primary heat exchanger is made of aluminized steel, ensuring it lasts for a long time, while the secondary heat exchanger is made of stainless steel.

The Infinity System is one of the only ones in this industry that can control temperature, fan speed, humidity and even air quality to keep you and your family comfortable and warm. The unit will even detect when it is time to replace your air filer. The unit has also been specially built to reduce the amount of noise it makes, so that you can heat your home with the minimum of disruption.

Design Aesthetics:

The unit features a four-way multipoise profile, and has been built from galvanized steel, giving it an impressive look and excellent strength and durability. The outer casing has a baked-on urethane base coat, covered in a polyester top coat so that it sits comfortably in your home without detracting from your own personal style.


The original owner of the unit will get a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a ten-year limited warranty on the parts. This is due to the manufacturer’s confidence in the functioning of the product, a confidence that is grounded in excellent manufacturing and quality parts.

The Carrier Infinity ICS Gas Furnace is built around the concept of comfort. Anyone who uses it will agree that its impressive energy savings, excellent performance and ease of use make it one of the finest units currently on the market. If you care about your family’s comfort and you need a unit that is reliable and that will work for years to come, offering you the ultimate peace of mind, then the Carrier Infinity ICS Gas Furnace is the one for you.