The Carrier Infinity 80 Gas Furnace Review

The Infinity 80 Gas Furnace, combined with Carrier’s intelligent Infinity System control offers a furnace that is extremely efficient with up to an 80% AFUE rating. This high efficiency heating pays off in the long run thorough giving you much lower energy bills and thereby huge savings.

Features and Benefits

  • The Communicating furnace with Infinity intelligence gives you ultimate control over comfort, performance and energy savings. It allows you to control temperature, fan speed, humidity, de-humidification, weekly comfort schedules and more. This intelligent system even monitors your operation and maintenance items in order to provide you with a reminder when the system needs to be serviced or the filter needs to be changed.
  • Energy efficiency – the 80% AFUE will reduce your energy costs whilst offering you the comfort of a variable-speed control so that your home is always at the perfect temperature.
  • Comfort Heat Technology smooths out the heating cycles so that your home always remains consistently comfortable for you, not matter how outside weather conditions change. This system accurately predicts the heating needs, which cuts out temperature swings, and because it does not operate at full power all of time the air drawn into your home remains more pure.
  • The Ideal Humidity System – allows you to control the humidity in your home even when your system is not actively heating or cooling, which enhances your comfort in both hot summer weather and freezing winter temperatures.
  • Carrier’s ComfortFan technology allows you to select the required fan speeds for your furnace for added moisture control.
  • The QuieTech noise reduction system ensures that you have the most comfortable temperature in your home without having to listen to a clanking and grinding that is so common on other furnaces, especially older systems – perfect temperature in perfect peace.
  • The Pilot-free PowerHeat ignition is an advanced lighting system which is far superior to the old pilot-light system in older furnaces. It allows you to light your furnace with no problems in order to quickly get the heat when you need it, and does not go out like the old pilot lights often used to.
  • A 10-year parts limited warranty when correctly registered and a 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty covers you for most eventualities, which means that you will never be without heating in your home.

Unit Specifications

Performance:Carrier Infinity 80 Gas Furnace

  • An efficiency rating of up to 80% AFUE
  • 10-year parts and a 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty upon timely registration, to the original owner.
  • Variable-speed Inducer Motor

Unit Controls:

  • Controls supported by the Infinity 80 Gas Furnace are Thermidistat, general thermostats
  • Diagnostics – Over 70 parameters via PDA or laptop


  • Capacity 66,000 – 154,000 BTUH
  • The Variable speed blower motor ensures consistent airflow to enhance your comfort at all times, helping to keep rooms more comfortable, and improve the indoor air quality.
  • The Infinity 80 Gas Furnace makes use of a “SuperS” Primary Heat Exchanger to deliver the most comfortable temperature to your home.
  • The Infinity 80 Gas Furnace uses natural gas as fuel, but it is also convertible to liquid propane (LP)

Design Aesthetics:

  • Profile Two-stage; 4-way multipoise. The two-stage gas valve allows for heating to occur at a low-stage for milder days and high-stage for those really cold periods. This helps to create the perfect temperature for your home whilst saving you on energy bills because your furnace is not blasting at premium power when not needed.
  • Due to the fact that it is constructed out of galvanized steel, this unit will never suffer from corrosion.
  • The baked on urethane base coat and polyester top coat paintwork on the unit ensures that it will not rust.


The Carrier Infinity 80 gas furnace is covered by a 10-year parts and 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty upon timely registration, to the original owner.

If not registered within 90 days of installation, the limited warranty period is only five years.

In jurisdictions where the warranty benefits cannot be conditioned on registration, purchasers will automatically get the 10-year parts registered limited warranty.

You can view the warranty certificate at the website for complete details and restrictions.

Make sure that you also ask your Carrier dealer about optional labor warranties.