Bryant Preferred Series Plus 90X Gas Furnace

The Bryant Preferred Series Plus 90X Gas Furnace is the ideal choice for consumers with a focus on energy efficiency, saving money, as well as reliability. The 95% AFFUE and intuitive technology are the factors that make this gas furnace stand out from the crowd.

Features and Benefits

  • With the Bryant 90X gas furnace you will have the opportunity to experience the soothing warmth of gas heat in your home.
  • The Bryant Plus 90X Gas Furnace provides you with excellent energy savings of up to 95% AFFUE. On a scale of 1 to 7 this gas furnace receives a rating of 6 in terms of energy efficiency.
  • The furnace has a patented secondary heat exchanger which converts a further 11% to 15 % of what you pay for into heat for your home. This is coated with Bryant’s patented Everlastic™ polypropylene laminate for durability.
  • This gas furnace will form the cornerstone of your home’s cooling system. It circulates cool air throughout your home and in addition it can add to the SEER rating of selected Bryant gas furnaces that already have a SEER rating of about 13 or 14 by 1.5 SEER. This is a feature that many other gas furnaces do not have. This is due to the inclusion of an EMC blower motor. This blower motor allows for the quiet and efficient distribution of heat throughout your home and thereby helps you save on your year-round utility costs. In addition you may be able to get rebates for having an EMC motor.
  • The gas furnace has smart SmartEvap™ technology which allows you to control the levels of humidity in your home during the cooling season.
  • This gas furnace comes with Perfect Heat™ technology (353BAV) as well as Fan On Plus™ technology. Fan on plus basically means that you will be able to control the level of airflow by selecting from three different options.
  • The QuieTech™ noise reduction system makes it one of the quietest options currently available on the market.
  • The Bryant Preferred Series Plus 90X Gas Furnace comes with a sealed combustion system which virtually eliminates drafts and allows for extra quiet operation of the system. It is one of the quietest furnaces of its kind. On a scale of 1 to 7 this gas furnace receives a rating of 6 in terms of the silence of its functioning.
  • The gas furnace includes pilot-free PerfectLight™ ignition
  • The Bryant Plus 90X gas furnace comes with a filter cabinet.
  • This gas furnace is ultra reliable. On a scale of 1 to 7 this gas furnace receives a rating of 7 in terms of durability.
  • In terms of warranties you will only find the best from Bryant. You get a 10-year parts limited warranty upon registration.
  • li>Last but not least this gas furnace s produced by Bryant, a reliable name in the business. Bryant’s professional installers will install the gas furnace in your home quickly and efficiently.



  • Energy Efficiency of up to 95% AFUEBryant Preferred Series Plus 90X Gas Furnace
  • The furnace circulates cool air through your home and assists selected conditioners by adding 1.5 SEER to their functionality.
  • You get a 10-year limited parts warranty on registration of this unit.

Furnace Controls

  • Supported controls include Thermidistat™ and all general Thermostats.
  • This system has on board diagnostics


  • The Bryant Plus 90X Gas Furnace has 38,000 BTUH capacity
  • It has a Blower Motor with single-stage, electronically controlled, programmed ECM
  • It has a Primary Heat Exchanger that is Serpentuff™ polypropylene-coated
  • The Fuel used is natural gas, convertible to liquid propane (LP)

Design Aesthetics

  • Single-stage, 4-way multipoise
  • Galvanized steel casing
  • Baked on urethane base coat of [paint and polyester top coat


If the original owner of the Bryant Preferred Series Plus 90X Gas Furnace registers his or her system in the 90 day period, the furnace will be covered by a 10 year parts and lifetime heat exchanger warranty. The system also has a secondary heat exchanger. This comes with a 20 year labor limited warranty. If you would like to include additional warranties that include labor you should take the time to ask your Bryant dealer about what your other options are regarding the Bryant Plus 90X Gas Furnace. If the furnace is not registered within 90 days the warranties are: 5 years for parts, 20 years for the heat exchanger.