Bryant Preferred Series 95 Gas Furnace Review

This is a review of the Bryant Preferred Series 95 Gas Furnace which is aimed at providing you with a general idea about whether or not this furnace is a good one. Topics covered include the features, pros and cons, and warranties of the furnace.

Information and Features

The main features that make the Bryant Preferred Series 95 Gas Furnace stand out from the crowd are:

  • With the Bryant 95 Gas Furnace you will get 95% AFFUE. What this essentially means is that 95% of the money that you put into the system will go into heating your home.
  • The Fan On Plus(TM) technology allows you to control the speed of the fan in the furnace.
  • In addition this is a furnace that has a sealed combustion system, something that a lot of people see as being important in a furnace in this day and age.
  • The furnace comes with stainless steel heat exchangers for lasting durability.
  • The furnace comes with Pilot-free PerfectLight(TM) ignition.
  • The furnace meets all of the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency, so you know that you will be using an efficient furnace to warm your home all the time. It is also a durable option.

Pros and Cons

The furnace is given the following ratings by the Bryant website:

  • The furnace has an Energy Efficiency Rating of 6 out of 7 stars
  • The furnace has a Quiet Level Rating of 5 out of 7 stars
  • The furnace has a Durability Rating of 6 out of 7 stars

The efficiency rating of the Bryant Preferred Series 95 Gas Furnace is good, but not perfect. When it comes to a gas furnace what you should be looking for is one that will not cost you a fortune in energy bills. There are a number of furnaces that would be given a 7 out of 7 rating, so be on the lookout for those as well.

The biggest complaint that people have about the Bryant Preferred Series 95 Gas Furnace is that it is too noisy. Five out of 10 is fairly good, but you would expect 7 out of 7 from a furnace that is in this range. No furnace will ever be completely silent, but it is important that it is quiet enough that t does not disrupt you when you are sleeping, for example. A good way to find out how loud this furnace is in practice is by reading consumer reviews on the topic to see whether or not it a good purchase.

This furnace does not score ‘perfect’ on any dimension, unlike many other furnaces offered by the company. a furnace is a long-term investment and you want to be sure that it will last for at least as long as you will be in your current home.


Bryant Preferred Series 95 Gas FurnaceThe warranties that a company will offer you on a furnace are often an indication of how good that furnace is. This is because it reflects the confidence that the company has in the furnace and can therefore give you a fairly good idea of whether or not it is a good idea to purchase that furnace. When you buy this furnace you get the following warranties:

  • 10-year parts limited warranty when properly registered
  • Lifetime limited warranty on heat exchanger
  • 5-year Warranty period on parts if not registered within 90 days
  • 20-year warranty on heat exchangers if not registered

Although this is not exactly a terrible warranty, it is also not the best warranty that you will find for a product of this kind. If the warranty concerns you, you should look into purchasing an alternative system. Many furnaces offer a lifetime warranty for at least parts of the system, so this is far from being an award-winning warranty.

In a lot of ways the Bryant Preferred Series 95 Gas Furnace is one of the best furnaces that you could get. It scores high on a number of dimensions and the features are fairly impressive. The real challenge s finding out whether or not this furnace matches up to other similar furnaces that fall within a similar price range. This will require a bit of homework and additional analysis on your part. Once you have sufficiently analyzed all of the options that fall within a similar range you will be in a far better position to make a final decision.