Bryant Preferred Plus 95S Gas Furnace Review

This review aims to give you a quick overview of the Bryant Preferred Series Plus 95S Gas Furnace which will hopefully make your decision about the product an easier one. The topics that will be covered include the furnace’s main features as well as the pros and cons that are most commonly reported. Last but not least we will look at the warranties that come with this furnace as this is a very important aspect when evaluating the suitability of a furnace for your personal needs.

Information and Features

The Bryant Preferred Series Plus 95S Gas Furnace has the following features that are worth noting when deciding whether or not this s the furnace for you:

  • With the Bryant 95S Gas Furnace you will get 96.2 % AFFUE. What this essentially means is that 96.2% of the money that you put into the system will go into heating your home.
  • The Perfect Heat(TM) technology used by the system means that the furnace automatically adjusts according to changing conditions in the room.
  • The Fan On Plus(TM) technology allows you to control the speed of the fan in the furnace.
  • The furnace meets all of the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency, so you know that you will be using an efficient furnace to warm your home all the time. It is also a durable option.

Pros and Cons

The furnace is given the following ratings by the Bryant website:

  • The furnace has an Energy Efficiency Rating of 5 out of 7 stars
  • The furnace has a Quiet Level Rating of 6 out of 7 stars
  • The furnace has a Durability Rating of 7 out of 7 stars

The Bryant Preferred Series 95S Gas Furnace is not a bad furnace to choose but there is one significant problem that you cannot ignore – it is not very efficient. Granted, 5 out of 7 stars are not really very bad, but if you compare it to other similar furnaces it simply doesn’t measure up. The less efficient your furnace is the more money you are essentially wasting on it. Looking into other options that are more efficient may be the better path to take in this dilemma.

Another thing is that the company does not give the furnace a 100% silence rating. No furnace is completely silent, but this may indicate that they have had a number of complaints about the noise level of this furnace when it is operating, enough to necessitate making a point of it in the rating. Further research into this dimension of the furnace may be in order.

However, one of the things that we can safely say about the Bryant Preferred Series 95S Gas Furnace is that it is durable. When you buy a furnace you want it to last for at least as long as you plan to own the home where you have it installed, so an excellent durability rating is an important factor to be on the lookout for.


Bryant Preferred Series Plus 95S Gas FurnaceThe warranties that a company will offer you on a furnace are often an indication of how good that furnace is. This is because it reflects the confidence that the company has in the furnace and can therefore give you a fairly good idea of whether or not it is a good idea to purchase that furnace. When you buy this furnace you get the following warranties:

  • 10-year parts limited warranty when properly registered
  • Lifetime limited warranty on heat exchanger
  • 5-year Warranty period on parts if not registered within 90 days
  • 20-year warranty on heat exchangers if not registered

This is not a bad warranty but it is also not the best warranty that you will find for a furnace in this range. Often furnaces from other companies come with a lifetime warranty for at least some aspect of the furnace.

The Bryant Preferred Series 95S Gas Furnace falls flat in a few very important regards, such as its efficiency. However there are still a number of things in its favor. The real question is whether or not other furnaces in a similar price range measure up to the Bryant Preferred Series 95S Gas Furnace, or if it is indeed the best option for that price. When making this decision you will need to read the reviews on other gas furnaces in the same sort of category to the Bryant Preferred Series Plus 95S Gas Furnace so that your decision will be a well-informed one.