Bryant Legacy Line Plus 90 Gas Furnace Review

Bryant is renowned for offering high quality furnaces and a Bryant Legacy Line Plus 90 gas furnace review convince you that you can rely on these furnaces for dependability, and Bryant have been providing these excellent furnaces since 1904. From design right through to product testing, you can trust Bryant, because they make sure that their units measure up to whatever customers expect from them. Their furnaces come in a number of different varieties for different budgets.

Their Legacy series is not as luxurious as their other series but you certainly get durability, functionality and cost effective pricing. With the Legacy Series you won’t burn more propane or natural gas than is necessary. The energy savings with the Bryant Legacy Line Plus 90 Gas Furnace make it a truly worthwhile investment.

Features and Benefits

  • The Legacy Line Plus 90 is all about comfort and this is made possible with their ventilation control with their Fan On Plus technology which is an advanced control intelligence on select Bryant furnaces. This Fan On Plus enables you to select from three different continuous fan speeds, controlling airflow as well as temperature.
  • This furnace also features QuieTech which is Bryant’s noise reduction system and it is responsible for providing very little noise while maintaining comfortable heat in the process.
  • Installation flexibility with a 4-way multi-poise design for up-flow, down-flow, or horizontal installation.
  • Hot surface ignition also known as Perfect Light ignition, this is an advanced gas furnace ignition system that replaces the standard pilot light, this is a great benefit as it proves to be more efficient than regular igniters used by other manufacturers.
  • The Legacy Plus 90 also features a multispeed, direct-drive PSC blower motor with fully insulated casing to protect the blower section.
  • Aluminum steel primary heat exchanger – for chilly nights Bryant’s Plus 90 keeps your home cozily warm and comfortable, and while standard furnaces feature one heat exchanger, the Plus 90 is one up on them and the patented secondary heat exchanger helps transfer an extra 11 – 15% of the available heat into your home for even more savings on energy and money.
  • Propane convertible – Legacy furnaces come equipped standard to operate with natural gas but for those who request it, a conversion to propane use will only take a few minutes. All Legacy furnaces include a variable speed fan and a precisely calibrated thermostat, and this allows you to set your heating at a consistent level, avoiding the extreme heat and cold that you get with some of the other brands of furnaces.
  • Efficiency rating of up to 95.5% AFUE – Bryant offers this high efficiency gas furnace which saves on heating costs with extra energy efficiency of up to 95.5% AFUE. The Plus 90 is designed to provide the owner with high-efficiency, reliability and value, and with AFUE ratings up to 95.5%, the Plus 90 certainly pays for itself in energy savings.
  • Sealed, low noise combustion system – when it comes to furnaces, most people look for a quiet running unit, and this is what the Plus 90 is known for; it’s quiet performance. With the Plus 90 you are getting one of the quietest gas furnaces. Noise is kept to an absolute minimum with the sealed combustion system as well as the door and vibration-absorbing grommets. Of course, the superb craftsmanship of Bryant gas furnaces has ensured that the Plus 90 is a quiet and well performing gas furnace.
  • The electronic air cleaner and humidifier terminals are standard with this unit, it also features a high efficiency air filter cabinet for increased indoor air quality.
  • After Sales Support – With the Bryant Legacy Line Plus 90 gas furnace you will also enjoy after sales support for when something goes wrong with your furnace. Bryant realizes the need of customers to have good after-sales customer care and support. Their website also provides a wealth of information, advice and tips to keep you updated on what to expect from your gas furnace.
  • Specifications


    • Energy efficiency up to 95.5% AFUEBryant Legacy Line Plus 90 Gas Furnace
    • Includes a 10 year parts limited warranty upon registration of unit.
    • The Legacy Line Plus 90 gas furnace also meets the Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency.

    Furnace Controls

    • Controls Supported: general compatible thermostats, Thermidistat which is Bryant’s thermostat system that offers easy 7-day programmable feature, indoor temperature and humidity multi-zone settings, large buttons for easy usage, simplified display panel and easy operation.
    • Also includes on board diagnostics.


    • Capacity of 40,000 – 138,000 BTUH
    • Features a single speed blower motor.
    • Primary heat exchanger features Bryant’s exclusive Serpentuff polypropylene laminate, this enables the extraction of nearly all heat from the unit in order to make the most of the energy used.
    • This furnace operates on natural gas, but is convertible to liquid propane (LP)

    Design Aesthetics

    • Offers a 4-way multipoise design profile
    • Constructed from tough galvanized steel for greater life span.
    • Galvanized steel shell covered with a baked on urethane base coat and polyester top coat for maximum protection.


    For the original owner, the Bryant Plus 90 gas furnace is covered by a 10 year parts guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger – this warranty is subject to registration within 90 days upon purchasing the gas furnace.

    The secondary heat exchanger retains a 20 year labor limited warranty, you should enquire about extended warranties with your Bryant dealer if you may need so.

    If you do not register you gas furnace within the 90 day period, the warranty with be 5 years on parts and 20 years on heat exchangers, therefore it is very important to get your furnace registered as soon as possible after purchase.