Bryant Legacy Line 90 Gas Furnace Review

In the cold winter months, you may be worrying about how you will heat your home. Will you break out the big blankets and fuzzy slippers, or use a conventional oil heater? How about neither? A gas furnace can help you heat your home in the most efficient and effective way, saving you money and keeping your family comfortable all winter long.

If you need a gas furnace that is durable, efficient and reliable, with the power to deliver up to 92% AFUE to ensure that you get the most return on your investment, while also promising year-long comfort from a furnace you can trust, the Bryant Legacy Line 90 Gas Furnace is the right one for you.

Bryant as a company is very well known for making and providing excellent quality furnaces with the ability to suit any budget. And this particular furnace proves that statement entirely.

Features and Benefits

  • The Bryant Legacy Line 90 Gas Furnace is fully ENERGY STAR compliant and boasts extensive energy savings with up to 92% AFUE.
  • The furnace also features QuieTech which is it noise reduction system. With this installed, you are kept warm without any of the noise usually associated with a furnace.
  • The unit is vital for keeping a comfortable temperature in your home, and uses a PerfectLight hot surface ignition, which is especially reliable, and replaces any standard pilot lights. The system also improves upon any traditional igniters developed by other manufacturers.
  • The side-wall or vertical venting ensures you benefit from money and energy savings and heats your home or office throughout.
  • The unit is propane convertible.
  • The slow opening gas valve ensures safe operation no matter where you use.
  • Upon purchase, you are guaranteed a ten year parts warranty, which means you have ultimate peace of mind, knowing your unit will be with you for the long haul.



The Bryant Legacy Line 90 Gas Furnace sportsBryant Legacy Line 90 Gas Furnace an impressive energy efficiency of up to 92% AFUE, ensuring you save on your money and the Earth’s energy resources. As an Energy Star partner, Bryant also ensures that the furnace meets all of the guidelines for energy efficiency. In this way, you can keep your home comfortable warm without having to worry about breaking your budget, and ensure you make a small contribution to the health of the environment.

Furnace Controls

If you are concerned about keeping the temperature in your home constant, at the level of heat you enjoy, then this is the right furnace for you. The Thermidstat, Thermostat and on board diagnostics ensure temperature adjustments are easy and you get to keep the climate at hot or cool as you want it.


A capacity of 40 000 to 138 000 BTUH with a single speed blower motor is part of the excellent technology used in the furnace. A Serpentuff polypropylene-coated primary heat exchanger has also been used and the fuel specs include natural gad, convertible to liquid propane. This furnace has been fitted with excellent technology that ensures it gives you the results you have paid for.

Design Aesthetics

The unit uses a 4-way multipoise profile and has been constructed from galvanized steel. The paint used is a baked on urethane base coat with top coat of polyester. This ensures that the unit lasts for the long haul and looks great too.


With a 10 year parts warranty upon registration, you are also ensured the additional peace of mind of knowing you can use the unit without having to worry about it breaking. You also get excellent after sales support from Bryant, which means you always have a lifeline to someone who can assist if anything goes wrong.

This winter, don’t use conventional methods to heat your home. Warm your family’s bodies and hearts with the Bryant Legacy Line 90 Gas Furnace and save on money and energy. This is on great buy that will last you through the years and prove it is worth the money time after time. Get a good-looking and durable furnace today, and start warming your home the efficient way. You will see the benefits of owning this unit almost immediately, and will feel the heat radiating from roof to basement throughout the long, cold winter.