Bryant Legacy Line 80 Gas Furnace Review

Economical comfort and a performance you can count on are what this unit is all about. Whether you want to heat your home for the whole winter, or simply keep things warm on a particularly cold night, the Bryant Legacy Line Plus 80 Gas Furnace Is a great choice.

It saves energy, it saves you money and it is really reliable, so you get all of the great benefits of a furnace, at a cost you can afford, with the peace of mind that comes from buying a Bryant unit.

Features and Benefits

  • Worried about energy savings? Well don’t worry anymore. This unit has an 80% AFUE which means savings on energy and savings in your utility bills.
  • The dependable PerfectLight ignition replaces pilot lights, and gives you a machine that functions in a more intelligent way.
  • The low NOx version is also available. Speak to your sales consultant for more information about this.
  • The unit uses natural gas convertible to propane and has a slow opening gas valve that ensures it is both easy to use and safe.
  • As for the warrant you no longer have to worry about a unit that lasts. This furnace comes with a 10-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind in the long term.



When it comes to energy efficiency, this is a unit that really saves on utility bills. The up to 80% AFUE saves on the amount of fuel you use and at the end of the day, keeps your budget intact. The unit comes with a 10-year warranty upon registration too, so that both your budget and your peace of mind are taken care of.

Furnace Controls

The unit supports Thermidistat, Thermostat controls and uses an on board diagnostics system to keep the unit running at full efficiency, all the time. You can control the temperature you need, keeping the room as hot or cool as you and your family need it to be.


A 44 000 to 154 000 BTUH capacity with a singleBryant Legacy Line 80 Gas Furnace speed blower motor ensures the unit functions well at all times, so that your home stays warm. The Serpentuff polypropylene-coated primary heat exchanger does a great job of exchanging cold air for warm, and thus, taking care of the temperature in your house. You can use natural gas to power it, convertible to liquid propane, and its energy saving properties ensure you are never wasting gas, or money.

Design Aesthetics

Single-stage, 4-way multipoise profile? Check. Galvanized steel exterior? Check. Urethane base coat with polyester top coat? Check. The unit is built with you and your family in mind and takes into account that anyone who buys it will be using it long term. The unit has been constructed to be tough, durable and most importantly, reliable.


The unit comes with a ten-year limited warranty to the original owner and Bryant’s excellent reputation for long term service will keep you assured of a product you can trust.

If you have to make a choice this winter of which method you will use to heat your home, think through using a furnace. You may be presented with a lot of other options, but by doing the research and compiling a list of the best furnaces to use, you will quickly see why using a Bryant Legacy Line 80 Gas Furnace is the best choice for heating your home.

And if you are not entirely convinced just by reading about it, contact a sales consultant and get one fitted into your home, or ask a friend who has one the benefits they have experienced. They will probably tell you about their lowered utility bills, and how much energy they have saved in using it. They will also have felt the heat benefits. If you want to experience the same benefits, give the unit a try.

One thing that is for certain is that once you have tried the unit and experienced all that it has to offer, you will never go back to conventional heating methods. Feel the warmth spread through your home, and indulge your family in the comfort of a furnace this winter, and you will be glad you did. The Bryant Legacy Line 80 Gas Furnace is a step forward in home heating technology.