Bryant Evolution System Plus 98M Gas Furnace

The following review will discuss the features, benefits and warranty of the Bryant Evolution System Plus 98M Gas Furnace. The information contained below is merely meant to serve as a rough overview of the main characteristics of the furnace and to help you make a decision about whether or not this is the right furnace to suit your personal or business needs.

This gas furnace is available at many outlets and is one of the better offerings from Bryant Evolution, and is well worth your consideration.

Information and Features

Here is a list of the most important features that the furnace has on offer:

  • According to the company’s website, this furnace is the quietest one they sell, a very important thing to look out for in a furnace.
  • The furnace provides up to 98.3% AFFUE. This means that more than 98% of the money you put into the system goes into heating your home.
  • The Perfect Heat(TM) technology used by the system means that the furnace automatically adjusts according to changing conditions in the room.
  • In addition the Bryant Evolution 98M Gas Furnace comes with Perfect Humidity(TM) technology which removes up to 127% more humidity than similar furnace’s that are available.
  • The Fan On Plus(TM) technology allows you to control the speed of the fan in the furnace
  • The furnace meets all of the ENERGY STARĀ® guidelines for energy efficiency, so you know that you will be using an efficient furnace to warm your home all the time.

Pros and Cons

Bryant Evolution 98M Gas FurnaceThe furnace is given the following ratings by the Bryant Evolution website:

  • The furnace has an Energy Efficiency Rating of 7 out of 7 stars
  • The furnace has a Quiet Level Rating of 7 out of 7 stars
  • The furnace has a Durability Rating of 7 out of 7 stars

As you can see this is one of the best furnaces offered by the company, receiving a 100% rating for the three main things you look for in a furnace: efficiency, silence and durability.

Let’s have a look at these ideas in more detail: the efficiency can be determined by the high AFFUE rate. This is almost 100% of your money that is going into the actual heating of your home, something that cannot be said for a large number of furnaces that are on the market.

When you buy a furnace you don’t want one that makes a noise and keeps you up at night, so the fact that this is the quietest furnace is great! However you must realize that because it has so many other best features that you can expect form a furnace, it is also one of the more expensive options that you could choose to buy. You need to weigh the cost against your desire to have everything that you can get out of your furnace, as well as against your need and the frequency with which you will use it.


The warranty that a company will offer you on a furnace are often an indication of how good that furnace is. This is because it reflects the confidence that the company has in the furnace and can therefore give you a fairly good idea of whether or not it is a good idea to purchase that furnace. When it comes to the Bryant 98M Gas Furnace you get the following warranties:

  • Lifetime limited warranty on heat exchanger
  • 10-year parts limited warranty upon registration

This is quite a good warranty package and may mean that this is a good furnace for you to purchase.

Now that you have considered all of the main features and advantages of the furnace you should be in a far better position to make a decision regarding whether or not you feel inclined to buy this furnace. Make sure that you have considered several different options before you make your final decision. There are numerous furnaces on the market that are similar to the Bryant Evolution System Plus 98m Gas Furnace, so it is important that you look into all of them. Reading customer reviews will be a good way for you to decide whether the furnace is of good quality or not.