American Standard XV Oil Furnace Review

Everyone will agree that when you are faced with an icy cold home early in the morning or late in the afternoon when you return from work, there has to be something that can take the chill out of the air, and warm your entire home evenly.

The American Standard XV Oil furnace is part of the Platinum Series line, they have energy saving properties that will provide you will all the comfort and savings you could want.

As an Energy Star Partner, American Standard Heating offers models which meet the Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency. Energy bills will certainly be lower because of the quieter efficiency of the motor, particularly when you run the four speed blower for extended periods.

The Highest Energy Efficiency

When it comes to an American Standard Furnace, the efficiency of a furnace is judged by its AFUE, which is also known as Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. The US Department of Energy allows 78%, but the American Standard XV oil furnace has an 85% rating, exceeding that amount substantially. The furnaces are available in both gas and oil models, and both can be relied on for constant reliability. You will also find that the automatic humidifier control adjusts to what the weather is doing outside as well as the altering temperatures, and this ensures an even and steady flow of warm air throughout your house. This is important if you want to be looking out for your health and avoid drying out your skin.

You can choose from condensing or non-condensing oil furnaces. The condensing ones are more efficient with little heat being lost in the flue gases. You also get models that offer sealed combustion for better efficiency. For the ultimate in comfort and efficiency, a two-stage heat output furnace with a variable-speed blower would be your best buy.

Furnaces Fitted for Maximum Performance

Sizing your furnace is very important, and the contractor considers things like your climate and the type of insulation you want in your home. Sometimes the contractor will make use of computer programs which can determine your design load. They also make sure the heat output is evenly distributed and wont leak. With the American Standard Platinum XV oil furnace you can select from different sizes for your size home. For instance you can get the lowboy which is a shorter style furnace and fits into tight spots. The other one is the highboy which is suitable for a basement for example, and then you get the downflow/horizontal one which can be installed on its side if needs be and is also suited to a basement.

Features of the American Standard XV Oil Furnace

  • Its multi-speed blower motor works quietlyAmerican Standard Platinum XV Oil Furnace
  • Cleanable filter
  • The heat exchanger is made of 13 gauge hot rolled steel for long lasting durability
  • Remote programming and monitoring
  • American Standard furnaces meet and exceed government standards for efficiency
  • The cabinet is made from durable heavy steel which is excellent for protecting the internal components. The interior of the furnace is also insulated which means less heat escaping, and the operating sound is kept to the bare minimum.
  • The variable-speed fan motor runs slower but more efficiently. Of course the type of lifestyle you lead, the weather conditions, the system settings and the condition of your furnace will all determine its efficiency.
  • The Comfort-R feature provides greater humidity control in cooling

Most people when they buy an American Standard XV Oil furnace want to know that in the dim and distant future they will not have to be replacing their furnace. With the American Standard you get generous warranties, and it is always a good idea to ask your dealer for full warranty information. Remember to register the furnace within 60 days of installation to ensure the base limited warranty terms will apply.

  • 10 year limited warranty on internal functional parts
  • heat exchanger has a lifetime limited warranty

An oil furnace is an integral part of you being comfortable during icy weather, and the American Standard Platinum XV Oil furnace incorporate the latest technology and innovative design techniques to bring you the best heating appliance for today’s modern home.