American Standard Silver ZI Gas Furnace Review

The American Standard ZI Gas Furnace will convince anybody that they are getting a good deal when it comes to making the decision on which new gas furnace to buy. With these reviews you will often come across comments from people who have bought a particular model and then let others know what the pros and cons are of buying such a model.

Extraordinary Gas Furnaces You can Trust

American Standard is a well known brand and is growing in popularity as people discover its valuable properties, and after some 130 years, there has to be something extraordinary about their appliances that have kept them in the industry for so long. American Standard brings out three series of gas furnaces, known as Platinum, Gold and Silver, and they have developed a history as a trustworthy brand due to the quality of their products. It is a subsidiary of Trane, and it comes with extensive warranties.

The ZI models belongs to the Silver series and these gas furnaces are equipped with single-speed blowers. The Silver American Standard ZI gas furnace is 96.7% efficient with a 2-stage burner. The heat exchanger has a lifetime warranty and the parts are covered for 5 years.

The Importance of the AFUE Rating

The AFUE rating is critical for determining how efficient a furnace is. If the AFUE is 80% for instance, it means that the unit converts up to 80% percent of the fuel that you are paying for into heat for your home. The American Standard ZI gas furnace offers up to 96% AFUE and distributes warm air evenly to each room with its variable-speed fan motor.

When considering which furnace is best for you, know that AFUE may be the most important consideration for long-term furnace costs. AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency, refers to how much energy is converted into heat. For example, a furnace with an AFUE of 92% will convert 92 of energy into heat while 8% goes to waste.

People want the assurance that the dealer they go through is competent and knowledgeable and who regard the installation as a key factor to an efficient working gas furnace. It is importance to take note that your lifestyle, maintenance of the system, system settings and the type of installation will play a role in the potential energy savings of the model you choose.

American Standard Gas Furnace Pricing

American Standard furnace prices are not offered by the manufacturer and are a package deal for the unit as well as the installation. They sell their furnaces to wholesale dealers or home improvement businesses at different rates.

American Standard furnace prices may differ depending on your needs and the area in which you live, and particularly the type of weather conditions you experience. If you go online, you can request estimates from licensed contractors in your area, and within minutes you will have an idea of the price you will pay.

The American Standard ZI gas furnace is also known as the Freedom® 95 Single-Stage Furnace, and this particular model is known for its reliable performance, comfortable heat and fantastic features.

American Standard Silver ZI Gas FurnaceFeatures of the American Standard ZI Gas Furnace

  • The Silver SI offers a 90% efficient model and an 80% efficient model
  • Single-stage/single-speed operation
  • The heavy steel insulated cabinet is quiet and durable
  • Variable speed heating for improved heat balance
  • Converts up to 95% of the fuel you pay for into heat
  • Saves on energy usage and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces temperature swings with two-stage heating
  • Runs quietly and evenly distributes warm air to every room with its variable-speed fan motor
  • Comfort-R helps keep your home cooler by reducing indoor humidity

Warranties of American Standard ZI Gas Furnace

  • Backed by a lifetime heat exchanger warranty
  • 10-year parts warranty

An American Standard ZI Gas Furnace review will nudge you in the right direction, as you will realize that the furnaces are safe and efficient, providing all the warm comfort your family needs. The bonus of this is that it is done in a cost effective manner.