American Standard Silver SI Plus Gas Furnace

The following American Standard Silver SI+ gas furnace review will discuss the products main features, benefits and warranties. As compared to a number of other similar furnaces the American Standard SI+ gas furnace does not have as many features and is often considered to be one of the more basic options to choose.

However considering what you get for what you pay it may still well be one of the better options for the everyday person to consider when buying a gas furnace. The product’s more outstanding as well as most important features are systematically listed below:

  • The American Standard SI+ gas furnace converts as much as 80% of the money you pay for your furnace into heat for your home. This is about average and is not as good as several other products in the range.
  • The American Standard SI+ gas furnace comes with a multispeed blower motor. This allows the furnace to operate quietly and efficiently allowing you to be heated adequately in peace and quiet at all times.
  • The furnace comes with a heavy steel insulated cabinet which is specifically designed to add to the silence and quiet operation of the American Standard Si+ gas furnace. In addition this is a feature which allows the furnace to hold more heat in your home, which means that you will be more efficiently warmed during those cold winter months.

Pros and Cons

American Standard Silver SI+ Gas FurnaceThe first pro that we shall consider is the fact that this is a furnace that offers excellent efficiency. The more efficient your furnace the more environmentally friendly it is likely to be. In addition you are also likely to save more money in that there is less energy being wasted in your home.

This is also a furnace that you can rely on. What many satisfied customers report is that even years after it is installed the furnace still keeps on going no matter what. This is something well worth looking out for in a furnace.

Possibly the most important advantage is the fact that this is, above all else, and affordable option. With the furnace you will be able to live comfortably in your home during the cold winter months without breaking your bank account to do so. The efficiency of the system as well as the initial price is what makes it an affordable option for you to consider.

The main con regarding this furnace is that there are not a lot of features to go on, especially when you compare it to other furnaces from American Standard as well as from other providers. As compared to other furnaces on the market, this is one of the more basic ones. For example it only offers an 80% AFFUE rating which means that only 80% of what you spend on heating costs is actually converted into heat. Many other furnaces have a much higher rating than this so you may want to consider one of those options instead.

American Standard SI Plus Warranty

When assessing whether or not the American Standard SI+ gas furnace is the right furnace for you, consider the warranties that come with the product as this can be a very strong indication of whether or not a product is of good quality. These are the main warranty features:

  • You will receive a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
  • You will receive a 10 year limited warranty on internal functioning parts
  • If you do not register the product within 60 days of having it installed then only base limited warranty terms will apply
  • There is an option to extend your warranty if you would like to

This American Standard Silver SI+ gas furnace review should have provided you with a better understanding of you can expect should you choose to buy an American Standard SI+ gas furnace. All of the main facts have been laid out for your consideration. As you can see there are a number of advantages to having a system such as this one in your home which makes it one of the better choices that you can make by quite a long way. The American Standard SI Plus gas furnace also comes with good warranties.