American Standard Silver SI Gas Furnace Review

The following review will discuss the American Standard Silver SI gas furnace’s main features and highlights so that you will be able to better determine whether or not it is, in fact, the best choice for you to make.

Here is an account of the product’s best features:

  • The American Standard Silver series SI gas furnace converts up to 92.1% of the cost that you pay to run the furnace into heating for your home. This is a much higher AFFUE than most other furnaces in the same league.
  • This furnace not only meets the required government regulations and standards, it also surpasses them, which means that you can make significant energy savings as well as reducing your output of greenhouse gases substantially.
  • The American Standard SI gas furnace comes with a multispeed blower motor. This allows the furnace to operate quietly and efficiently allowing you to be heated adequately in peace and quiet at all times.
  • The furnace comes with a heavy steel insulated cabinet which is specifically designed to add to the silence and quiet operation of the American Standard SI gas furnace. In addition this is a feature which allows the furnace to hold more heat in your home, which means that you will be more efficiently warmed during those cold winter months.

If you have looked into other gas furnaces, you can probably tell that the American Standard SI gas furnace offers more features than several others.

Pros and Cons

The top advantage that you will be able to benefit from if you buy this furnace is its reliability. It is well known as being one of the most reliable furnaces that are currently available on the market. On top of that, it is also an extremely efficient piece of machinery that will heat your home in the most efficient way possible.

American Standard Silver SI Gas FurnaceAnother key advantage of this furnace is that it is one of the more affordable options. Given the current economy, it is not necessarily always possible to get the best of everything for your home, but with this furnace you will be able to get a reliable machine that will heat your home adequately at a price that should not break your wallet. It is also important that a large portion of the money you pay for the system goes into the actual heating of your home, which is more than what can be said for a number of other similar furnaces on the market.

The main con for this furnace is that there is no actual guarantee regarding how much energy you will be able to save when using it. There is a warning on the website which says that “Potential energy savings may vary depending on your lifestyle, system settings, equipment maintenance, local climate, home construction and installation of equipment and duct system”. These are a lot of variables to take into account in order to determine whether or not this is, in fact, a good furnace for you to choose in terms of its energy-saving properties.

American standard Silver SI Furnace Warranty

When assessing whether or not the American Standard SI gas furnace is the right furnace for you, consider the warranties that come with the product as this can be a very strong indication of whether or not a product is of good quality. These are the main warranty features:

  • You will receive a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
  • You will receive a 10 year limited warranty on internal functioning parts
  • If you do not register the product within 60 days of having it installed then only base limited warranty terms will apply
  • There is an option to extend your warranty if you would like to

This gas furnace review is just an overview of the gas furnace in question. Only the most basic information is contained here, and it would be better for you if you took the time to look into the product in more detail. However form the main facts presented here it would appear that this is one of the better choices that you can make when it comes to gas furnaces. The many advantages as well as its many features provide support for this viewpoint.