American Standard Platinum ZV Gas Furnace Review

The American Standard Platinum ZV gas furnace would be incomplete without a discussion of the various features that the unit has on offer:

  • This furnace offers fully modulating heating so that you will be able to achieve perfect efficiency and comfort control.
  • The American Standard ZV gas furnace converts up to 95%of the fuel that you pay for into heat for your home, which is higher than many other options that are available to you in the same range.
  • The furnace automatically communicates and coordinates with your other system component using advanced technology that shows its true quality.
  • Installation is faster and easier than with many other furnaces. It is also less invasive to your home and offers a simplified connection to the Comfort Control option.
  • The unit sufficiently passes government regulations and goes the extra mile in reducing your energy bills as well as your greenhouse gas emissions, allowing you to be an environmentally friendly consumer.
  • The American Standard ZV gas furnace runs very quietly.
  • This furnace will evenly distribute air from room to room using its variable-speed fan motor.
  • The American Standard ZV gas furnace actively reduces indoor humidity during summer making your home a far more comfortable place to be in on those really hot days.
  • This furnace comes with a heavy steel insulated cabinet which is durable and quiet and allows the furnace to distribute heat more evenly through your home.

American Standard Platinum ZV Gas FurnacePros and Cons

There are three things that make the American Standard ZV gas furnace a very good purchase indeed. These three things are:

  • Customized heating and humidity control for ideal home comfort
  • Remote monitoring and programming
  • Quiet operation

In winter you will be able to ensure that your home is heated according to your specifications. Different people prefer different levels of heat in their homes and the American Standard ZV gas furnace allows you to determine exactly how hot or cold your house needs to be. In addition you will be able to use the furnace to get rid of that oppressive feeling of humidity in the summer months. The American Standard ZV gas furnace is also easy to use as you can operate in remotely. You can also check up on the furnace without having to move from where you are sitting. The top advantage of the American Standard ZV gas furnace is that it is very quiet, which is something that most people look for in a furnace.

No furnace is perfect and a lot of people over the years have had a few things to say about their American Standard ZV gas furnace. One of the main complaints that people seem to have is that the furnace breaks frequently after a few years have passed. Nevertheless it must be noted that this is only true for specific units and does not seem to hold true for the range as a whole. Therefore it is suggested that you read as many American Standard ZV gas furnace reviews as you can before making your final decision about this furnace.


You can offer measure the quality of a product in terms of the warranties that the company is willing to offer. According to the American Standard website you will get the following warranties when you purchase an American Standard ZV gas furnace:

  • Lifetime limited warranty on heat exchanger
  • 10 Year limited warranty on internal functional parts

The above stands if you register the furnace within 60 days of installation. If you do not then only Base Limited Warranty Terms will apply. However you will find that these terms adequately express the company’s confidence in its product.

This American Standard ZV gas furnace review is just a basic outline of what you can expect to receive from this furnace should you buy one. More extensive research in your own time will help you to decide whether or not this is in fact that right furnace for your home. If you have the time to read multiple reviews by consumers, then you should, as these will give you the best overall picture provided that you read enough of them. In the long run, however, this is a furnace that won’t let you down.