Choosing A Reliable American Standard Gas Furnace

American Standard is a division of Trane, which in itself should be sufficient reason to invest in an American Standard Gas Furnace. They have been around since the 1880s, providing affordable heating for American homes. Through many changes and years of research into what works best, American Standard is still, after 130 years, America’s favourite.

American Standard Gas Furnace is renowned for their excellent quality and some of the best operating costs of any heating system. Apart from the quality, their prices are also better than one would expect for these top-of-the-line gas furnaces. They also either meet or exceed the requirements laid down for efficiency by the government.

Interesting Facts About American Standard

During the more than one hundred and thirty years of existence this company has seen many changes, been through a few mergers and designed many innovative pieces of technology. They continue to do research and spend millions of dollars on it every year in order to continue improving their products.

Here are some interesting facts about American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning that you have probably never heard:

  • American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning were approached by NASA in 1969 to assist in the design of a Mobile Quarantine Facility which would render a comfortable, sterile indoor environment for Apollo astronauts returning from space.
  • A survey done amongst 35 000 consumers and 500 furnace installation technicians in 2002 placed American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning products amongst the top two brands.
  • American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning was ranked highest in overall dealer satisfaction in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010 according to surveys done by Syndics Research.

Now that you have a bit of a background on the company, I would like to give you some more detailed information regarding three of the American Standard Gas Furnace models that are available. All of the furnaces have efficiency ratings of between 80% and 95% which means that there is minimal wastage of fuel and you are getting very high yield from the fuel that is being used to heat your home or business.

American Standard Gas Furnace Models

Every American Standard Gas Furnace is designed and manufactured with high efficiency in mind, which means that you will get the most heat for the least monthly cost. You could also be eligible for tax credits of as much as $1500.

American Standard Freedom 80 Gas Furnace

With the cost of energy spiralling out of control of late everyone is in search of a heating system which is very efficient and will save them on their monthly energy bills. If you live in a climate which only requires you to use your furnace for around four months of the year, this is the perfect American Standard Gas Furnace for your needs.

  • They are very affordable from the outset
  • They have an 80% efficiency rating which means great savings on energy
  • These units have a very compact design so will fit into your home very easily.
  • The installation is extremely easy
  • The 2-stage heating means that the furnace will run at a lower capacity
  • They maintain consistent heat throughout each cycle
  • The variable speed motor ensures that all corners of your home are heated
  • The whole unit is encased in a steel cabinet made from heavy gauge steel which is durable and corrosion-resistant.

Some of these American Standard Gas Furnace models are equipped with the AccuClean technology which is a filtration system that cleans up to 99% of airborne allergens that are usually the cause of respiratory problems such as asthma and hay-fever.

Another model in this range is the Freedom 80 Comfort-R Variable Speed Communicating Furnace which comes fitted with the AccuLink system. This system electronically coordinates all components to provide you with the best performance and efficiency.

American Standard Furnace

American Standard Freedom 90 Gas Furnace

If one of your top requirements is that your furnace much be a high-efficiency system, then this American Standard Gas Furnace will suit you. They can save you 25% or more of your current energy bill if you currently have an older furnace. This rate of efficiency also produces less greenhouse gases so your carbon footprint will be minimised.

  • They have a 92% efficiency rating
  • This efficiency rating qualifies this model for the Energy Star rating
  • The multi-speed blower allows for quiet operation
  • The rugged durable steel cabinet also helps to prevent heat and noise escaping
  • It has a washable heavy-duty filter
  • The AccuClean filter system removes a minimum of 99% of allergens which is good news for the respiratory health of your family
  • The Comfort-R technology will remove any moisture in the air when the fan is run on humid days.

The AFUE on this American Standard Gas Furnace is 93% which translates into great energy savings. The multi-speed blower, heat exchanger and other components are all backed by American Standard’s solid warranty.

American Standard Freedom 90 Gas Furnace

This American Standard Gas Furnace flagship model is built to please It delivers top-of-the-line energy efficiency and performance and is a very popular model. Savings start on the day of installation and will continue throughout the lifetime of this furnace, which is a very long time.

  • The 95% AFUE gives this model Energy Star rating.
  • Energy cost savings with this model will be in excess of 30% over your old model.
  • They boast 3-stage heating which will fire at 40%, 65% or 100% dependent on the temperature required. This prevents huge temperature fluctuations.
  • A variable speed motor is housed in a heavy duty insulated cabinet which dampens operating noise and prevents heat from escaping.
  • The Comfort-R aspect will regulate humidity in the warm months

The Freedom 95 Comfort-R Variable-Speed, 3-Stage Communicating Furnace features the AccuLink system which coordinates all of the various components. For extra climate control you can add the TAM feature which is a Telephone Access Module which allows you to control the temperature remotely.

Choosing an American Standard Gas Furnace to install in your home or business will probably be one of the wisest choices you will ever make. American Standard has some of the most efficient furnaces on the market and is also amongst the most affordable.