Amana GMVM96 Gas Furnace Review

One of the important facts to look out for with the Amana GMVM96 gas furnace is what features the system offers, and whether or not they are suitable for your home. The following review will help you to make a decision regarding whether or not these are the kinds of things you need from a gas furnace.

Features of the Amana GMVM96 gas furnace

  • Aluminized-steel dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger
  • Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger
  • ComfortNet Communications System compatible
  • Self-calibrating modulating gas valve operates on two-stage or single-stage thermostats
  • Efficient, quiet variable-speed circulator motor gently ramps up or down according to heating or cooling demand
  • Durable 110-volt Silicon Nitride Igniter
  • Electronic control board with self-diagnostics and provisions for air cleaner and humidifier
  • Auto-comfort mode for enhanced dehumidification
  • Humidification output terminals
  • Quiet two-speed induced draft blower
  • Low constant fan speed allows homeowner to quietly circulate air throughout the home. This setting costs as little as a 100-watt light bulb to operate
  • Designed for multi-position installation: upflow, horizontal left or right
  • All models comply with California NOx emissions standards

Pros and Cons

Most furnace owners will agree that the Amana GMVM96 gas furnace unit runs flawlessly for a very long period of time, which means that you will be able to rely on it. After a while you may begin to experience a few small problems, but this will be years after the initial installation and should not be serious. In fact it is unlikely that you will experience any problems at all within the first 10 years of owning the unit.

The few owners who have complained about their Amana GMVM96 gas furnace being too noisy don’t seem to realize that there is a certain amount of noise that you will have to put up with when it comes to just about any furnace and that they simply need to get used to it. As compared to several other furnaces that are available on the market, the Amana GMVM96 gas furnace is overall a lot quieter. That being said the loudness of the furnace remains one of the main concerns of consumers who have chosen to purchase the Amana GMVM96 gas furnace, so it is something that you may want to take into consideration when looking into buying this type of gas furnace.

One of the complaints that you may pick up in an Amana GMVM96 gas furnace review is the fact that the installers do not always inform their customers that the Amana GMVM96 gas furnace needs to be registered in order for the homeowner to qualify for the lifetime warranty (mentioned below). However I think that you will agree that this is not a reflection on the actual furnace itself, but rather on the level of customer service that the company provides, meaning that you should still consider the technical aspects of the furnace before making your choice.

Amana GMVM96 Gas FurnaceWarranties

The warranties that a company is willing to offer on its products are often a very good indication of whether or not that company is convinced of the product’s reliability. This Amana GMVM96 gas furnace review would be incomplete without a discussion of the various warranties that are available:

  • The heat exchanger comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty for the original and registered owner of the unit
  • If the unit fails in the first 10 years the entire unit will be replaced as long as the original homeowner still owns his or her home
  • There is a 10 year Limited Parts Warranty on all of the functional parts

In conclusion it is important to note that this Amana GMVM96 gas furnace review is only one opinion regarding the product and that it is better to read as many reviews as possible before making a final decision regarding whether or not the Amana GMVM96 gas furnace is for you. You need to get the best overall picture possible in order to understand truly whether or not you are considering the right furnace. The Amana GMVM96 gas furnace is, generally speaking, one of the more advanced options in the market.