Amana GMVC8 Gas Furnace Review

Amana is a sought after brand in America, providing high quality HVAC appliances which meet the needs of a diverse range of customers and which are also backed up with excellent warranties. Calculating a furnace’s energy costs is important if you are considering putting in a gas furnace, and this is because the more efficient a gas furnace, the lower your energy bill will be. With the host of energy-saving features that Amana furnaces have, it is no wonder they are leaders in the field of home comforts, and their prices are affordable too.

Plenty of Money Saving Features

Prices currently start around $2,750 and this includes the installation price as well. The higher the AFUE percentage the better because it means less gaseous emissions which is good news for anyone who is concerned about the welfare of the environment. Today, the lowest efficiency allowed for gas furnaces is 78%. The Amana GMVC8 gas furnace offers 80% AFUE performance.

When you associate yourself with Amana products you know you are going to be enjoying wonderful comfort all year round, and this is because come rain or sunshine, your Amana furnace heats or cools according to the need. The Amana GMVC8 gas furnace is rigged out with plenty of useful features as well.

Amana GMVC8 Gas FurnaceAmana GMVC8 Features

  • Electronic control board with self diagnostics
  • A low and constant fan speed efficiently circulates air throughout the home and costs next to nothing to operate
  • Complies with Califonia NOx emissions standards
  • Corrosion free heat exchanger of stainless steel
  • Silicon nitride igniter which is safe to operate and durable
  • Quiet and smooth variable speed circulator motor
  • Auto comfort mode for dehumidification
  • ComfortNet communications system compatible
  • Heavy gauge steel cabinet with baked enamel finish
  • The cabinet is fully insulated
  • Multi-purpose installation – upflow, horizontal, left or right
  • Coil and furnace fit flush for most installations

Get the Furnace that Suits Your Requirements

The price of a furnace rises with the higher fuel efficiency, so a furnace with a 90% AFUE will cost quite a bit more than one like the quality Amana GMVC8 gas furnace with its 80% AFUE. To help you decide on which furnace will suit your needs, an Amana contractor has the experience and knowledge to calculate the annual estimated operating cost of this gas furnace for you as well as any other model. Most furnaces with an AFUE over 90% are more economical in areas where it is truly icy cold, so paying a little less for the Amana CMVC8 and having it meet your needs in terms of your weather conditions makes more sense economically.

Buying a quality 80% AFUE gas furnace that the Amana brand offers is perfect, particularly when you don’t need the efficiency of the 90% furnace. By installing this furnace, you will be enjoying energy and money savings year after year. An AFUE rating of 80% means that 80 cents of every $1.00 of heating energy expense warms your home.

The Amana GMVC8 gas furnace meets Energy Star requirements. This means that this gas furnace meets the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.


With Amana, the warranties are excellent; better than other brands with a lifetime warranty.

  • Lifetime warranty to cover the compressor. If the compressor malfunctions due to no fault in the installation, Amana will give you a replacement.
  • 10-Year Limited warranty available for all covered internal components
  • 10 year on the parts for selected models

To qualify for the warranties, Amana requires that you register the product. Registering online is the preferred way as it is quick and the warranty can also be traced quicker. Amana want you to do this online as it is fast and accurate and the warranty can be traced faster.

If you are looking for these fantastic gas furnaces, Amana products can easily be purchased online where you can compare features and benefits of the different models. The products are also sold through a worldwide network of distributors and independent installers.