Amana GMS8 Gas Furnace Review

The Amana GMS8 gas furnace is often considered to be one of the better gas furnace options by those satisfied customers who have purchased the product in the past. The main features of the Amana GMS8 gas furnace are listed below. Read through them carefully to determine if this is the right furnace for you and if it meets all of the requirements that you need it to meet.

GMS8 Furnace Features

  • Dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger: This feature means that your home is more consistently and more evenly heated at all times making it far more comfortable.
  • Energy-saving, quiet four-speed circulator motor
  • Durable hot surface mini-igniter
  • Electronic control board with self-diagnostics: This improve the system’s ability to keep track of whether or not it is running optimally and thereby saving you money in the process.
  • 80% AFFUE rating: This means that no less than 80% of the money that you spend on the furnace actually goes into heating your home.

These are some fairly good features to keep in mind when choosing a gas furnace. There are other furnaces from Amana that have a wider range of features and extras, but if you are looking for a good basic gas furnace then this is the one that you should keep your eyes open for as it is one of the best entry-level gas furnaces available. The next section of this Amana GMS8 gas furnace review will provide you with information about the main good and bad points about this furnace.

Pros and Cons

Amana GMS8 Gas FurnaceOne of the main pros that you should look out for in a gas furnace is the warranty that the furnace company is willing to offer you. In the case of this furnace, the warranty is very good indeed, and is, in fact, one of the best in the business. When you buy this furnace you can rest safe (and warm) in the knowledge that if anything does go wrong, which from consumer reviews appears to be rather unlikely, you will be able to have it sorted out quickly and easily at no extra cost to yourself. For more details regarding the warranty read below and visit the Amana website.

By going to you will be able to find out what kind of rebate incentives you are eligible for in what states if you purchase this gas furnace. Depending on which state you live in you may be able to get a very good deal indeed.

They main con regarding this furnace is that there are not a lot of features to go on, especially when you compare it to other furnaces from Amana as well as from other providers. As compared to other furnaces on the market, this is one of the more basic ones. For example it only offers an 80% AFFUE rating which means that only 80% of what you spend on heating costs is actually converted into heat. Many other furnaces have a much higher rating than this so you may want to consider one of those options instead.


This Amana GMS8 gas furnace review would be incomplete without a discussion of the various warranties and warranty features that you get when purchasing an Amana GMS8 gas furnace. With this furnace you get:

  • A Lifetime Limited Warranty on the heat exchanger for the original homeowner
  • In addition there is a 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty on all functional parts

This means that if anything goes wrong in the first ten years of owning the furnace you will be compensated. This shows that the company at the very least has faith in its Amana GMS8 gas furnace.

This Amana gas furnace review is merely a brief overview of the product, but you can see that there are plenty of features in favor of this gas furnace. In order to better understand whether or not this is the right furnace for you, we suggest that you spend some time reading consumer reviews. See what others have thought in the past about this furnace. Remember not to base your opinion on a few reviews, but rather to read as many as you possibly can before making a final decision.