Amana GMH95 Gas Furnace Review

The following review of the Amana GMH95 gas furnace will discuss the various features that the furnace has to offer. It is very important that you consider the features of a gas furnace carefully before making the final commitment to purchase the system as this will help you decide whether or not the system is going to provide you with what you need.

Feature of the Amana GMH95 Gas Furnace

  • Aluminized-steel dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger
  • Durable 110-volt Silicon Nitride Igniter
  • Energy-saving, quiet four-speed direct-drive circulator motor
  • Electronic control board with self-diagnostics
  • Two-stage gas valve convertible technology
  • Furnace control board with self-diagnostics, color-coded low-voltage terminals, and provisions for electronic air cleaner and 24-volt humidifiers
  • Control board stores the last five diagnostic codes in memory; simple push-button activation outputs the fault history to a flashing red LED
  • Low constant fan allows homeowner to activate the low heat speed to efficiently circulate air throughout the home
  • Self-adjusting feature automatically adjusts to high or low-stage operation based on outside temperature without an outdoor temperature sensor
  • All models comply with California NOx emissions standards
  • Fully insulated, heavy-gauge steel cabinet with durable baked-enamel finish

Pros and Cons

One important point that needs to be included in this Amana GMH95 gas furnace review is that the Amana GMH95 gas furnace is one of the quietest furnaces that you will ever own. There are those consumers who say otherwise claiming that it is far louder than their previous furnace, but these reports seem to be isolated to particular faulty units. More people talk about how quiet it is than about how noisy it is. In addition to this you will also be guaranteed of not having any cold spots at all throughout your home if you get an Amana GMH95 gas furnace. It is far better at distributing heat evenly throughout your home than many other gas furnaces with similar specifications and features and is therefore one of the better options for you to choose.

Many of the problems that people tend to report regarding their Amana GMH95 gas furnace are related to the actual installation process. Sometimes installers will be unfriendly or make a mistake. This cannot be taken to be a reflection on the actual Amana GMH95 gas furnace unit as the unit itself may in fact be flawless. Stick to focusing on those consumer reviews that actually have something to say about the furnace itself.

You will no doubt find an Amana GMH95 gas furnace review that has some bad things to say about the furnace. It is important that you remember that some individual units will have problems while the range as a whole remains very good. One of the complaints that you may have come across is that the furnace tends to start giving issues shortly after the warranty expires. This is certainly true of some units, but overall consumers have few problems to report with their Amana GMH95 gas furnaces. It depends on the unit that you end up with.

Amana GMH95 Gas FurnaceWarranties

This Amana GMH95 gas furnace review includes a summary of the main warranties that come with the purchase of the furnace as warranties can often be the best indication of a company’s confidence in its products.

  • The heat exchanger comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty for the original and registered owner of the unit
  • If the unit fails in the first 10 years the entire unit will be replaced as long as the original homeowner still owns his or her home
  • There is a 10 year Limited Parts Warranty on all of the functional parts

As you can see after reading this Amana GMH95 gas furnace review, this is one of the better gas furnaces for you to choose. This Amana GMH95 gas furnace review is only a rough outline of what you can expect from the product, so it would be better for you to continue your own research into the Amana GMH95 gas furnace. When reading reviews, remember that a review only represents one opinion and that you will need to take a broad approach to finding the right gas furnace for you.