Amana GHS8 Gas Furnace Review

Whether you are looking for a gas furnace for residential or commercial use, the Amana GHS8 gas furnace will provide you with the heating solution you require.

The following review of the Amana GHS8 gas furnace will advise you on the product features, advantages, warranty and the importance derived from hiring a professional contractor to get the installation job done, and Amana technicians always have the right equipment and tools necessary for a professional installation.

You will learn that the Amana GHS8 gas furnace is an Energy Star qualified product; this means that it meets certain efficiency requirements. Models such as the GHS8 which meet the Energy Star product specifications are condensing furnaces, and that means they do not use indoor air which is mostly contaminated with household product germs. Furnaces with sealed combustion bring outdoor air directly to the combustion chambers. These furnaces are great for use in cold regions where you can warm your entire home.

The gas furnace produces heat through the combustion of natural gas in the furnace’s burner, which then passes through the heat exchanger. The furnace’s blower blows warmed air into the duct-work, which distributes the warmed air throughout the entire home.

Latest Technology for High Efficiency

Amana is a top brand and it is no secret that they offer their customers the ultimate solution when it comes to warming their homes. They keep up to date with the latest technology to ensure that their products remain highly efficient and durable.

The Amana GHS8 gas furnace is a highly efficient furnace with up to 80% AFUE performance. This means that 80 cents of every $1.00 of heating energy expense warms your home. They are also Federal Tax Credit Certified and can save you money by lowering energy bills. They are all about bringing warmth into your home in the most economical way. All Amana gas furnaces are tested at the factory before they are shipped.

The key features of the single stage, multi speed Amana GHS8 include:

    Amana GHS8 Gas Furnace

  • Patented Dual-Diameter Tubular Heat Exchanger
  • Condensing furnaces with sealed combustion are safer
  • operates on propane and natural gas
  • Reliable SureStar Silicon Nitride Igniter which is easy to operate
  • Energy-saving four-speed circulator motor
  • Quiet operation
  • The furnace plays an important role in the operation of the air conditioner, and its variable-speed blower maintains a consistent temperature
  • Durable hot surface igniter with norton mini-igniter
  • Electronic control board with self-diagnostics
  • sturdy cabinet with foil faced insulation lines the heat exchanger compartment
  • heavy gauge reinforced steel cabinet with baked enamel grey paint finish
  • furnace designed to reduce NOxemissions
  • Designed for multi position installation – upflow, horizontal left or right
  • Coil and furnace flush for most installation

Continuous Filtering and Cleaning

The Amana GHS8 gas furnace draws air from the rooms in the house through return air ducts. An air filter removes airborne particles and pollutants, and this filtered air is routed to back to the rooms. Whenever your furnace is running, this cycle is continually filtering and cleaning air.

Warranty Offer

  • Functional parts have a limited warranty of 10 years
  • Heat exchanger guaranteed to be replaced within a period of 10 years if it fails to work. The heat exchanger is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

To receive the Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty and 10 year parts limited warranty, registration should be completed 60 days after installation.

Where to Put Your Furnace

Your furnace can be positioned in several different places. An up-flow system can be found in the basement or garage for instance. Wherever it is placed, installation is key.


An efficient furnace like the Amana GHS8 gas furnace won’t be able to save energy or money if it is not properly installed. Amana technicians install gas furnaces in accordance with the HVAC Quality Installation Specifications. They look out for things like over-sizing or under-sizing a furnace that can result in inefficiency, noise and discomfort.

There are many different heating systems to choose from today, but an Amana dealer has a wealth of gas furnace knowledge and experience, and they can offer advice and tips which will help you decide on the system that best fits your specific heating and cooling needs.