Amana GCVM96 Gas Furnace Review

The following Amana GCVM96 gas furnace review will help you make your final decision, with the features, benefits, and the warranty taken into consideration.

For most of us it becomes a pain to switch on that furnace in winter, but it really does not need to be like that when you have an Amana GCVM96 gas furnace that can do the job properly and that has been designed according to government standards to heat your home while using less fuel. Not only are we trying to save you money and save the economy, but the planet itself is affected by the greenhouse gasses that our homes and our vehicles are shooting out into the atmosphere and for this reason, there is a limit of how much fuel your furnace should use and what emissions it throws out into the air inside your home as well as outside.

For this reason you need to look at:

  • the features of the furnace,
  • the pros and cons of each unit,
  • what warranties you will get from the unit and
  • what other users of this product has to say about it.

Features Of The Amana GCVM96 Gas Furnace

Knowing what you are getting with your Amana GCVM96 Gas furnace will help you to determine if you are really getting your money’s worth. If you have a small home and you are rarely home anyways, there is no use in spending a huge amount of money initially to buy a furnace, but if you have a spacious home that requires a lot of heating, you might want to start looking more along the lines of top of the range.

The Amana GCVM96 Gas furnace will give you the following:

    Amana GCVM96 Gas Furnace

  • Just as the name says you will get up to 96% AFUE
  • Come with the standard Aluminized-Steel dual diameter tubular heat exchanger
  • Compatible with the ComfortNet communications system
  • Quiet operation for comfort of use
  • Variable speed circulator motor
  • Gas valve that is self-calibrating according to your heating and cooling needs
  • Has a dehumidification setting
  • 110 Volt Silicon igniter
  • Electronic control board
  • Provisions for Air cleaner and humidifier
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically.

The Pros and Cons

There are so many good points that if you can find a bad point, then you might even be inclined to turn a blind eye.

The Amana GCVM96 has the following good points:

  • Costs as little as a 100 Watt light bulb to run
  • Gives off a consistent stream of warm air to avoid cold or hot spots in the air
  • Can be fitted with an air cleaner to help clear up your environment
  • Is compliant with Californian NOx emissions standard
  • Takes up very little space
  • Has a self-diagnostic electronic control panel

The Amana GCVM96 might not be the one for you if you have a problem with the units:

  • High initial cost
  • Needs to be installed professionally.

The unit cannot be installed by just anyone because you will lose your warranty, so you need to get the professionals in to do it for you. You can ask your dealer for a price on the unit including installation or ask him to refer you to someone who is approved to do it.

The Warranties

The warranty that you get with the Amana GCVM96 is what makes this product so very popular. When you are the original owner of the unit and you do not tamper with it and you have it installed by someone who is approved by Amana to install the unit, then you will have a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a 20 year limited warranty on the internal functional parts. You will also need to register within 60 days of purchasing the unit to qualify for the full warranty otherwise your warrantee will be very limited.

The Amana GCVM96 is a unit that will pay for itself in the long run with the quiet efficiency and the cost saving features of this product. If you are looking for a good unit that will be reliable and last for a very long time, this one is for you.