Amana GCH95 Gas Furnace Review

The follow review on the Amana GCH95 Gas Furnace should help you get an idea of what to expect from your new gas furnace, and can help you narrow down your search and make an educated choice when looking at the different furnaces.

Experience the Luxury of Warm Comfort

You get different kind of gas furnaces; standard-efficiency class and high-efficiency class, and this is so that everyone gets the chance to afford one and to experience the luxury of a comfortable warm home. You put down quite a bit of money for these gas furnaces, so it pays to look at the pros and cons of the different models. The GCH95 is a high efficiency down-flow gas furnace, and this means that cool air enters at the top and is heated by rising warmth from the bottom. Of course one of the most important considerations should be the AFUE gas furnace rating of the unit, and the Amana GCH95 gas furnace does not disappoint with its AFUE rating of up to 95%. This means that up to 95 cents of every $1.00 of heating energy expense warms your home.

Energy Efficiency a Critical Necessity

All Amana gas models beginning with GCH95 are also Energy Star compliant, and as multi speed heaters with four different operations, they can save energy by being able to operate at different levels. When you consider that the minimum AFFUE efficiency gas furnace rating for a non condensing unit is 78% then you realize what a gem you have in the Amana GCH95 gas furnace. On top of that the Amana name is synonymous with quiet and smooth operation and reliability. The greater the efficiency the less you will spend to run your furnace, and in this day and age you have to look at every way you can to make ends meet.

Some of their furnaces are compatible with ComfortNet, a system that monitors temperatures in order to create efficient responses from the heating system.

Even the very basic gas furnaces are good, and when it comes to energy efficiency, it is true that the basic ones may not be as efficient as the top models, but even so, they still pass muster in terms of meeting energy-efficient requirements. The other gas furnaces have added features and are known as Premium furnaces, while Ultimate furnaces work together with other parts of the HVAC product range.

Proper Installation Vital

To get the very best out of your Amana GCH95 gas furnace installation is critical simply because a poor installation will make it that your furnace does not work efficiently if at all. For this reason, skilled and experienced contractors come out and install the gas furnace, sizing it to the size of your home.

Features of the Amana GCH95

  • Amana GCH95 Gas FurnaceComplies with regulations for no emissions
  • Energy-saving, four speed direct drive circulatory motor
  • Dual diameter tubular heat exchanger – most Amana furnaces use heated aluminum coils; some have secondary heat exchanges made from stainless steel
  • Multi position furnaces mean installing the gas furnaces in unconventional spots
  • Electronic control board with self diagnostics allows individualized control over the different elements
  • Two stage gas valve convertible technology
  • Durable 110 volt silicon nitride igniter
  • Insulated, heavy gauge steel cabinet
  • The cabinet is designed for multi position installation
  • Coil and furnace fit flush for most installations
  • Left or right connection for gas and electric service
  • Features which allows you to automatically adjust to high or low stage operation depending on outdoor temperature
  • Furnace control board with self diagnostics


The Amana GCH95 gas furnace is also covered by superb warranties, and part of what makes each appliance of Amana unique is their excellent warranties.

  • Functional parts covered by a 10 years parts limited warranty
  • Heat exchanger is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. The owner will receive a new furnace if the heat exchanger fails during the first 10 years of service

Choose the price of your gas furnace as well as a reputable contractor carefully. Have a good look at an Amana GCH95 gas furnace review to help you with your buying decision and overall satisfaction at making the correct choice.