What You Need To Know About Amana Gas Furnaces

At some time or the other in our lives we will either have to purchase a gas furnace because we have moved, built a new house or to replace a now defunct one and you cannot go wrong with an Amana gas furnace. Purchasing a furnace is not a small investment, and hopefully we will only have to do it once in our lifetime, so it pays to invest in a good gas furnace which will not cost the earth to run every month. An Amana gas furnace is a high-efficiency furnace with a 95% efficiency rating.

Amana have been around for quite a number of years, and are renowned for manufacturing excellent quality furnaces. Amana supplies both natural gas and propane burning furnaces. They also offer a multi-fuel Amana gas furnace which could be a good idea for those who currently live where there is no natural gas supplied – if it is later piped in you can easily convert from propane to natural gas.

Amana offer six models from which to choose. There are four models in the AMV9 Series and two in the ACV9 Gas Fired Furnace Series. The AMV9 models have a heating capacity range of between 46,000 Heating Input Btu’s and 115,000 Btu’s, and have between two and five burners. The ACV9 Gas Fired Furnaces come with a heating capacity of between 69 000 Btu’s Heating Input and 92 000 Btu’s Heating Input, and have three or four burners. Every Amana gas furnace has an efficiency rating of between 93% and 95% which makes them all high efficiency gas furnaces.

Amana AMV9 Gas Fired Furnace

The AMV9 comes with some outstanding features:

  • A very advanced electronic control board with self-diagnostic system
  • A quiet and efficient two-stage variable-speed circulator motor
  • Amana’s patented Million Air stainless steel dual-diameter recuperative coil and heat exchanger gives increased reliability.
  • An auto-comfort mode to provide enhanced dehumidification
  • The SureStart silicon nitride igniter with patented adaptive learning
  • A 10 Year limited warranty on all functional parts.
  • Low-voltage system with terminals for an electronic air-cleaner.

Apart from the above, this Amana gas furnace also comes with some other warranties such as the warranty that if the heat exchanger fails, the original registered homeowner will receive a new furnace. In order to get this warranty and the 10 year limited warranty on parts you need to register online within 60 days of installation. This registration is not required in either Quebec or California.

The AMV9 Amana gas furnace should last for twenty years or more if it is correctly maintained. It is test-run before leaving the factory and is encased in a heavy-gauge steel casing which makes it impervious to most damage and very easy to install. Activating a lower constant fan mode will use less energy than a 75 watt light bulb.

When buying a gas furnace you need to ascertain whether you have piped natural gas or not. If you do not have gas laid on in the areas where you live, then you can either invest in a Propane furnace or a multi-fuel Amana gas furnace. Propane furnaces usually run a bit more expensive than natural gas furnaces, but are still preferable to the alternative of using electricity for heating for cost and eco reasons.

No matter which furnace you eventually decide to buy, the most important factor is that you buy one that is high-efficiency so that you can save on your monthly energy bill and are also doing something good for the world green movement at the same time.

Amana AMH8-80% Furnace

This is a two-stage multi-speed Amana gas furnace and is a heavy-duty piece of heating equipment. As with all other models this furnace is manufactured to the highest standards and has most of the same great features as other models:

  • Patented Million Air stainless steel heat exchanger
  • The SureStart silicon nitride hot surface ignition offers increased performance and reliability.
  • Factory run-testing to ensure good running operation.
  • A two-stage gas valve fitted with the TwinComfort control technology so that you can run your furnace as a two-stage operation.
  • A quiet four-speed blower for quiet optimal operation.
  • An integrated electronic control board with a self-diagnostic.
  • An electronic cleaner which can trap more than 90% of dust and other particles.
  • A 24-volt humidifier.
  • Self-adjusting feature allows you to automatically adjust the speed to low or high dependant on the weather.

An Amana gas furnace which offers variable and multi-speed performance is a great investment because it offers increased indoor comfort levels. This is obtained by the thermostat on the unit being adjusted and increased very slowly, instead of starting up all at once full blast. This method negates the ‘cold air blow’ which one normally experiences when a single-speed furnace starts up.

All furnace manufacturers are required by the industry standard to test their heat exchangers to 10 000 cycles. Amana decided that they were not satisfied with that standard, so they decided to REALLY put their heat exchanger to the test – and still are.

Amana’s patented Million-Air Heat Exchanger has been tested far more than this – it has gone well beyond 1MILLION cycles and is still going strong Checking this way means that the burner must be ignited, and the exchanger heated to 1 100 degrees Fahrenheit the cooled down to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and repeating the cycle more than one million times. A million cycles equates to more than one hundred years of use under normal circumstances, so I am sure that you will agree that this heat exchanger which is standard on every Amana gas furnace is the best.

The secret of the Million-Air Heat Exchanger is that it makes use of three fundamental technologies which synergistically work together with the physical attributes of the stainless steel pipes used. This results in a very strong, durable and long-lasting heat exchanger.

The Amana gas furnace SureStart ignition system is manufactured from a compound called silicon nitride and it is virtually indestructible. Silicon nitride is seven times stronger than the more commonly used silicon carbide igniters. It will not stop working even if exposed to water, bleach, condensation or any other household contamination. It is so sturdy that you can press it through a wooden plank without damage.