Amana AMVC95 Gas Furnace Review

If you’re looking for a replacement gas furnace or you are a new furnace owner take a look at the follow review of the Amana AMVC95 gas furnace for important factors such as feature, benefits, and warranties will be discussed.


According to the Amana AMVC95 furnace model, these are the main features that you can expect:

  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel, dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger
  • Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger
  • ComfortNet Communications System compatible
  • Two-stage gas valve operates with ComfortNet communicating two-stage or single-stage thermostats
  • Efficient and quiet variable-speed airflow system gently ramps up or down according to heating or cooling demand
  • Durable SureStart® 110-volt Silicon Nitride Igniter
  • Color-coded low-voltage terminals with provisions for electronic air cleaners and humidifiers
  • Self-diagnostic control board with constant memory fault code history output to a dual 7-segment display
  • Multiple continuous fan speed options offer quiet air circulation
  • Auto-comfort and enhanced dehumidification modes available
  • Quiet variable-speed induced draft blower
  • Fully insulated heavy-gauge steel cabinet with durable baked-enamel finish
  • All models comply with California Low NOX emissions standards

Pros and Cons

One of the main benefits of the Amana AMVC95 gas furnace is that the furnace is quiet. This is a very important aspect of a good gas furnace .

Another pro is that the Amana AMVC95 gas furnace is likely to produce a marked drop in your electricity bill. This is a change that you will notice almost straight after it is installed and this is one of the main reasons people choose to get an Amana AMVC95 gas furnace. The bottom line is that this is a gas furnace that will essentially save you a lot of money even over the short term making it a great investment indeed. Unlike certain other systems that are noisy and that often have leaks, the Amana AMVC95 gas furnace will not let you down and you will not be ashamed to turn it on.

A very important pro that you will benefit from if you get the Amana AMVC95 gas furnace is the factAmana AMVC95 Gas Furnace that as compared to many other furnaces it distributes heat far better through your entire home which means that it is far more effective than many other models that are available on the market. On top of lower bills the Amana AMVC95 gas furnace also means that you will be far more comfortable in your own home.

Generally speaking, consumers report a very positive experience in terms of the installation of their Amana AMVC95 gas furnace. Customer support is a very important factor for Amana.

There has been an Amana AMVC95 gas furnace review or two regarding the structural integrity of the furnace itself. In some cases there have been complaints that the furnace works well for a few years and then begins to make too much noise and pump out too little heat. Some reviewers have also noted that the Amana AMVC95 gas furnace tends to pump out too much heat in some cases which causes rather high heating bills for those consumers. This is something that has only been reported about a few specific models, however.


The warranty on the Amana AMVC95 gas furnace is not one to be overlooked. If you meet the basic requirements in that you have the unit installed in an owner-occupied and single-family home and that you have it registered within 60 days of the initial installation then you will get a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and recuperative coil and a 10 year warranty on all remaining parts. If you do not fulfill those requirements you will get only a 20 year warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5 year warranty on the remaining parts.

Reading an Amana AMVC95 gas furnace review is a good place to start when searching for the best gas furnace for you, but you need to remember that it is better to read many different reviews written by many different consumers and gas furnace providers before you make a final decision. Reviews are often based on one specific unit that may or may not be truly representative of all units in that product line, so make sure that you think carefully and do your research thoroughly before deciding whether or not to buy the Amana AMVC95 gas furnace.