Amana AMH95 Gas Furnace Review

If you live in an unpleasantly cold climate, keeping your home warm during the cold months will be uppermost in your mind, and Amana products are manufactured making use of advanced technology so that customers get efficiently working gas furnaces.

This Amana gas furnace will help you make up your mind on which gas furnace and size will best suit your needs. With the technological advancements in gas furnaces and the way they are capable of removing germs and dust from the air, you can count on being healthier as well. Amana produces a full line of furnaces, but one of the more popular are the AMH95. The Amana AMH95 gas furnace, apart from being able to buy it from your retailer, is available online. Before you buy your Amana, read about its estimated annual energy consumption, operating costs and energy efficiency rating below.

Get Your Amana Online

A convenient place to get your gas furnace is online. The gas of these furnaces is released through vents and outside of the home, while the heat from the burning gas warms up the furnace’s heat exchanger, pushing the warm air through the vents and into the entire home. The warm air is circulated by means of a fan.

Most homeowners simply want reliability and efficiency and to get that they install an Amana brand gas furnace, and on top of that, their entire line-up comes with the best warranty programs in the heating and cooling industry. Some of their models come with variable and multi-speed performance which amounts to enhanced indoor comfort by slowly moving towards a selected thermostat setting rather that starting at full speed which alleviates that cold airflow which is common with single-speed furnaces.

Low Energy Bills every Month

What homeowners appreciate with the Amana AMH95 gas furnace is that they don’t notice a sudden surge in their electricity bills, and this is an important aspect, with everyone trying to make ends meet.

Amana AMH95 Gas Furnace

The AMH95 gas furnace has excellent features and yet it remains affordable. It carries an efficiency of 95% AFUE, and this rating earns it an energy star rating. Energy star is the government-backed symbol for energy-efficient products. An Energy Star furnace can reduce your heating costs by as much as 40%. Energy Star was established so that consumers could easily identify and also purchase energy-efficient products which also offer savings on energy bills. Products with the energy star rating symbol offer all the performance and comfort you can expect from a top product brand.

Amana AMH95 Features

The Amana AMH95 offers a realm of wonderful features and the features have all been tried and tested at the factory before they are shipped out to where they are needed.

  • The Amana AMH95 gas furnace is a two stage operation – this means that no matter what the weather conditions are, the furnace provides consistent heating.
  • Sizes of the furnace available are 46,000 Btu, 69,000 Btu, 92,000 Btu and 115,000 Btu
  • The cabinet is made of sturdy heavy gauge steel and is rust proof. It is designed for multi position installation whether it be upflow, horizontal left or right
  • SureStart(TM) Silicon Nitride igniter with patented adaptive learning routine for maximum igniter life
  • The TwinComfort technology of the Amana AMH95 gas furnace ensures the ultimate comfort in the home since it will give balanced heating of the house in addition to the quieter starts.
  • The variable speed fan has a quiet and efficient operation. The low constant fan mode means opting for the lowest available heating speed which circulates the air quietly during the off cycle.
  • The furnace has a number of heating capacities – the furnace control board has self diagnostics, color coded low voltage terminals, and provision for electronic air cleaner and 24 volt humidifier
  • The auto-comfort mode enhances dehumidification


Offering outstanding standard warranty coverage is Amana’s promise to homeowners to provide products that last and last.

  • The furnace has a 10 year parts limited warranty on all functional parts.
  • Complete the warranty form within 60 days of installation to quality for the lifetime unit replacement limited warranty
  • If the original owner has problems with the heat exchanger, they will provide a new furnace.

A gas furnace works by the burner, the air circulation, and the good installation and maintenance of it, and Amana is all about easy installations and comfort.